Friday Top Five!

January's winner - Vonnie! She won with just one entry!

The tally was -
Jen - 4 entries
Merry - 2
Vonnie - 1
Carol - 1
Tina - 2
Nancy - 2
Melanie -1
Linda - 1

What e-book will Vonnie choose????

The 1st Feb. Top 5 -

Top 5 jobs you have had -

1. Cashier at a convenient food mart
2. Home health care aide
3. Asst. teacher in Special Ed.
4. Asst. Director - After school program
5. Home child care provider

Please post your answers to this post (and on at least one comment per month please put your email add.)


  1. 1. Clerk Typist at an association for special needs kids
    2. Clerk typist at a cemetery
    3. Data entry at a health care office
    4. Administrative assistant at a college financial aid office
    I dont have a 5 because I stayed at my jobs usually for a long time but if I have to have 5 then wife and mother!

  2. 1. Cashier, duster, mini golf rentals, ice cream scooper at a camp ground
    2. Smorgasbord restaurant (refilling buffet, dessert bar)
    3. Cashier at a pharmacy
    4. Cashier/superviser etc at a gift shop
    5. Admin assistant

    1. Haha duster.
      I have never worked at a restaurant and have never wanted to. I really give credit to good waitresses - they have a very hard job.

  3. 1. Office Assistant
    2. Project Manager for non-profit
    3. Caseworker for kids in foster care
    4. NICU nurse
    5. Stay at home mom (unpaid, of course!)

    Fun post, made me think!
    garfsgirl AT hotmail DOT com

  4. 1. Waitress at a small town restaurant
    2. Pharmacy assistant
    3. Factory production worker 2nd shift to pay for college
    4. Teacher for developmentally disabled adults
    5. Disabled (definitely a full time job keeping track of doctors' appointment, etc.)

  5. Gosh...I still haven't decided what I want. How about you surprise me, Wendy? I love surprises :D

    Top five jobs:
    1. Instructional Assistant for Special Ed
    2. Tutor
    3. Wench/mistress (I worked at Medieval Times)
    4. Cashier in foods
    5. Cook at Disneyland and California Adventure