Friday Top Five!

Top 5 Knick-names you have had
(oh yeah this will be fun!)
You are held to secrecy! If word of these gets out I will know it was one of you!

1. Windy Wendy (my cousins used to call me that)
2. Miss Wendy (from my southern daycare days)
3. Weewee (yeah seriously, we won't ever talk about this one again! there was this little 2 yr old in my daycare class that use to call me weewee. His mom said that all the way to the daycare center he would be in the back of the car going wee wee, wee wee, wee wee!).
4. Mom
5. Mother, Mother! ( from the daughter's Bambi imitating days LOL)

What are yours? I promise not to tell! 

See the rules - HERE


  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, I can see you like Sandra Dallas as much as I did, I got a book from library after reading Mattie. she is a good author and I will read again.
    like the knick-names, here are mine
    1. Deanie
    2. soupbean(love them)
    3. Polly
    4. Paula
    5. MOM (last but not least) 2 sons

    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Paula O

  2. 1. Kiddo
    3. Lib
    4. Bif
    5. Aunt Biv

    Happy 💘 Day!

  3. Hehehehe! Wee wee! I'm going to call you that from now on ;p

    1. Vonnie
    2. Jamon (ham in Spanish because it rhymed with my name)
    3. Jabon (soap in Spanish because it too rhymed with my name)
    4. Miss Ivonne (what they call me at work)
    5. Home-skillet biscuit ( best friend was weird in high school)

    1. Oh yeah...there was also Limon (pronounced the hispanic way because it rhymed with my name AND that's all I ate when I was little).


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