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Novel Interiors: 
Living in Enchanted Rooms Inspired by Literature 
By Lisa Borgnes Giramonti (author) & 
Ivan Terestchenko (photographer)

5 Stars!

For those who have ever lost themselves in the stylish worlds of novels like Sense and Sensibility, The Age of Innocence, Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray and countless others, this design book embraces the fantasy of time and place, showing you how to bring some of those elements into your own home.

Lisa Giramonti inspires a new approach to decorating: by teaching us through the lens of worlds we may already know and love. With gorgeous photographs by World of Interiors photographer Ivan Terestchenko, aspirational quotes, and tailored reading lists, Novel Interiors reveals the essence and details of interiors mentioned in great literary works. This is a stunning, photo-driven book that shares enchanting and timeless ways to live more elegantly.

Absolutely loved this book! As soon as I got it I started looking through it... and two hours later - I was still there! I couldn't stop myself, I think I read it cover to cover. There are not many interior design books you do that to. 
This book was so much fun! I loved reading about the different comparisons to classic novels. Especially ones that I had read "Anne of Green Gables", "Little Women" and using quotes from authors like - Willa Cather, Jane Austin, Katherine Mansfield, and Emily Bronte (and many more).
There was a section on Flowers in Virginia Woolf Novels. I love her! So this part was very interesting to me.
This was a full color, gorgeous book! I just thoroughly enjoyed this book and will look at it over and over!

Thank you "Blogging for Books" for sending me this gorgeous book for my honest review!

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The Authentic Amish Cookbook
Norman and Marlena Miller, Compilers
4 Stars

Now you can enjoy genuine Amish recipes from the Amish themselves. From the members of the Evart, Michigan, Amish community comes this collection of 450 family favorites.
Several miscellaneous recipes (jerky, play dough, finger paint…) and large-quantity recipes (for wedding receptions and other large events) are followed by many healthy recipes for folks who are watching their diet. A generous collection of tips and hints provides extra help in making your duties in the kitchen and throughout your home flow smoothly.
With popular Amish hymns and inspirational thoughts sprinkled throughout, The Authentic Amish Cookbook provides everything you need to enjoy your meal preparation and to bless your family and friends with table times they’ll never forget.

A Good solid cook book for down-home cooking.  My only negative would be - no pictures.
At least half the book was desserts, which was fine by me. There were several recipes for the same thing, like four recipes for cinnamon rolls and four for potato salad. Each one was a little different. I liked this because you could choose the one that would be right for you based on ingredients and time.
I might try their recipe for the layered pumpkin pie next Thanksgiving. And will definitely try the Blueberry crunch cake!
There are lots of good usable recipes in here. At the end there was even a healthy section. Using ingredients like honey in place of sugar (or totally sugar-free), and using carob instead of chocolate (and I love carob!) and lots others.

Thanks Netgalley and Harvest House Publishers for this e-book for my honest review.

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Winter Knitting
Patterns for the family and home

By - MillaMia
5 Stars!

This inspiring new book from the team behind MillaMia knitwear is packed with projects to take you through the wintertime. As the seasons change from cool, crisp autumn to the cold and dark of winter, Scandinavians are particularly good at easing the transition with clothing, interiors and food that bring warmth and light. Sisters Katarina and Helena Rosen aim to share some Swedish wonderful traditions, designs and activities with you - but of course with the signature modern twist that MillaMia bring to all things knitted. In this book you will find a mix of knitting projects to see you through the cold season, including stylish garments and accessories for adults and children, cozy homewares and unique gifts. Indulge in kitting yourself out for the first fall of snow, make clothes that the kids can wear for the festive season and create interior projects that will bring warmth both literally and visually. You will also find a selection of 'bonus' projects - with a couple of favorite festive recipes and some wonderful paper projects that any yarn enthusiast will enjoy. 

Wow! Gorgeous knitting pattens! There are lots that I would personally make in here. 
This is full of beautiful, full-color pictures. The directions look clear and easy to follow. 
There are a nice variety of items in here, like sweaters, children's items, pillows, socks, mittens, and so much more. Ranging from beginner patterns to  more advanced.
I am looking forward to trying some of these!
For a more thorough review, see my knitting blog - HERE

Thank you Netgalley and Pavilion Books for sending me this e-book for my honest review!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Glad you liked this author as much as I did, I even went to library and picked up one of her books,name escapes me at moment but I enjoy her writing. will read more of her in time.
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    Paula O