Friday Top Five!

Remember - for every top 5 list you do you get an entry to win an amazon ebook worth up to 1.99
Why do I do this? Why can't you just buy your own book if its only worth 1.99?
Well if you are anything like me... I have about 150 books on my wish list and prob 1/4 of them are .99 - 1.99 and for some unknown reason I just never hit the "buy" button. So I thought this would give people a chance to get a couple of those inexpensive books that you just never seem to buy.
For rules (seriously, there aren't any) click on the tab on the top left of the blog.

Top 5 silly little things you may not know about me (everyone does this list, right?)
1. I have Arachnophobia (that's fear of spiders)
2. I am more than a little OCD, I line things up, double check and triple check things, I'm always fixing and refixing things. My latest is my new rug. I noticed that I can line up my coffee table to the be perfectly square (also notice how the book is lined up in the corner) -
3. I am a coffeeaholic
4. I am a Netflix junkie (my latest TV show obsession -- Weeds, awesome!)
5. I like to "collect" weird everyday items - wine glasses, scissors (I have more than I can count), Hello kitty items (also an obsession, I think I have a problem with obsessions), books, yarn, knitting needles (about 100).

Give me your top 5 list for an entry to win an ebook!


  1. interesting facts to share

  2. 1. I trip over invisible cracks (I am a total klutz)
    2. I love the smell of Lestoil
    3. It drives me CRAZY if someone leaves a cabinter or cupboard open
    4. My nickname is GG (Goofy Goober)
    5.I could live on peanut butter

    1. Well being OCD open cupboards drive me crazy too!
      and peanut butter... YUM!

  3. My Top 5:
    1. My dog Mickey is my best friend (for real).
    2. I would like to be a hermit when I grow up.
    3. I have a serious internet addiction.
    4. I am getting excited about moving to a new home in May.
    5. I already have 3 kids, but I would like to have another one before I get too old.