Friday Top Five!

For every top 5 list you do you get an entry to win an amazon ebook worth up to 1.99
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Wow! This is the last one for April. So after this one I will tally up your entries and choose a winner for this month.

People seem to love doing top lists about food!

Top 5 favorite junk foods -
1. Ice cream
2. Trail mix (they try to make it seem healthy but lets face it - its junk food)
3. Doritoes
4. Cheese (yes cheese is a junk food, especially the way I eat it).
5. Granola bars/power bars etc.

 Give me your list for an entry to win!


  1. 1. Chips!!!
    2. Chips!!!
    3. Cheese
    4. Chips and dip
    5. Ice cream
    6. Brownies & milk
    7. Cake & milk
    8. Chips

    1. and chips and cheese
      and chips and brownies? lol

    2. Chips and cheese sure. Not quite sold on chips and brownies. Although the salty sweet combo is big now soooo

  2. 1. Soda
    2. Doritos
    3. Milkshake
    4. Root Beer Float
    5. Icee

    1. Mmm you like your liquid treats!
      I think I will do a drink top 5!
      You can add some of the same ones.

  3. Hahahaha! Cheese! In that case my list is...

    1. Cheese
    2. McDonald's fries
    3. Frappes
    4. Cookies
    5. Fried zucchini