Secret Somethings - Amber Kay

5++ Stars!

Marriage is bliss for newlywed Jude Clayton. Lord knows she could use it. After years of battling a destructive mental disorder, she’s hungry for some sense of normalcy. Little does she know, she will find the complete opposite with her new husband Bryce. On the surface, Bryce Clayton is every woman’s dream—make no mistake about it. Handsome, intelligent, wealthy and accomplished, Bryce only has one problem. An obsession.

Poor fragile Jude knows nothing about her husband’s “extracurricular activities.” What she’ll discover about herself in the process is much scarier than anything either of them can imagine. Jude, with her grotesque sense of humor and her many mental abnormalities, has developed an obsession of her own.

As their unconventional “romance” blossoms into a toxic relationship, truth and lies clash. Some begin to wonder: Is Jude a helpless victim to her husband’s deceitful ways or is she a dutiful accomplice? 

Amber has been writing for as long as she can remember. Yes, she knows how awful her fifth grade plays were, but she didn't care as long as she had to the power to explore her imagination in the darkest ways possible. She grew up in the south where she ate a lot of BBQ and spent too much time reading.

Some would argue that she was an odd child (and an even odder adult) With her morbid sense of humor, Amber has aimed to be as true to her writing as she can by exploring the darker sides of humankind. She loves psychological thrillers and offbeat plots. Her characters might be unlikable. Her plots might take disturbing twists and turns, but she tries (as always) to explore the most tragic parts of life with as much humor as possible.

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Finally!!! I have been waiting for months for another book to blow me away - and this one did!
It starts out simple enough, a woman confessing to killing her husband - but its what happens after that will blow your mind! 

Wow! Amazing writing, amazing plot planning, and amazing character development! This one will definitely go down as one of my favorites of the year! How have I not seen this author before? More please! I will certainly be reading more by Amber Kay. I can't believe she is so young and has so much talent as a writer.

This book is definitely a page turner. You will be on the edge of your seat all throughout the book. This story would make an excellent movie. I kept picturing it in my head as a movie. In fact I have watched thrillers that were not as good as this.

Thank you "Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours" for sending me this amazing book for my honest review!

Get your copy from Amazon - HERE - $2.99 what are you waiting for?
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  1. I think what intrigues me the most is the mention of the main character battling a mental illness for years. That makes me curious about which illness it was and how it affected her life and current state.

    1. It is a very interesting book! Can't say enough good about it.

  2. After too long away from reading and writing I am intrigued by your wonderful review! Many thanks - this is definitely a to-read!


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