Friday Top Five!

For every top 5 list you do you get an entry to win an amazon ebook worth up to 1.99
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May is my Birthday month, so these next few lists will be all about birthdays! 

You are having a birthday party for yourself, you can only invite 5 friends with 1 alternative - who will you invite?
1. Ashley - (daughter)
2. Jen - @Random (longtime friend from PA)
3. April - (Friend from NY)
4. Lynette - (New friend from PA)
5. Jane - (New friend from PA)
Alternate - Lisa - (New friend from PA)

Who would you invite?


  1. May is my birthday month as well! Happy birthday!
    1. Gabe (son)
    2. Isabelle (daughter)
    3. Ben (son)
    4. Matt (boyfriend)
    5. Bob (dad)
    Alternate (mom...sorry mom...lol)

    1. Man, I didn't invite either of my parents! LOL

  2. I would invite my daughter, Britney, my mother, Daphine, my daughter-in-law, Amy, and my dear friends Debbie, Janice, and Kathy.

  3. I'd have a book bud party.

    1. YOU! Wendy (wall-to-wall books) NY
    2. Anna (Annaberry Reads) NM
    3. Krista (Krista's Dust Jacket) PA
    4. Patty- PA
    5. Karen (For What It's Worth) FL

    1. Oh oh, one more please!

      5a. Tabitha (not yet read) CA

    2. Awww yay! PARTY!!!!!
      and I said one alternate anyway.