Friday Top Five!

For every top 5 list you do you get an entry to win an amazon ebook worth up to 1.99
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May is my Birthday month, so these next few lists will be all about birthdays! 

The birthday party is coming up. You've got your friends and family invited.
Now you need to plan the food!

Top 5 foods you will have at your party -
1. ice cream
2. Sushi
3. Pizza
4. Coffee
5. Wine 

Give me your list for a chance to win!
PS&BTW - Emily was last month's winner - woohoo!


  1. Top 5 foods for my birthday party:
    1. Pizza
    2. Cake & Ice Cream (that counts as one, right!)
    3. Some type of salad
    4. Soda
    5. Tortilla chips and dip...yum!

  2. Is it really almost that time?! Wow, time is sure flying by for me!!! Happy early birthday, Wendy!!!

    My list:
    1. Carne asada
    2. Salsa & chips
    3. Aguas frescas (Horchata, tamarind, watermelon...)
    4. Tres leches cake
    5. cilantro salad

    1. Mmmm I love foods I can't pronounce!

    2. It's all yummy but I would not recommend number one since it's meat.

  3. My list:
    1. Ham and cheese croissants
    2. Hot bean dip
    3. Chips
    4. Pickles
    5. Sweet tea


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