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May is my Birthday month, so these next few lists will be all about birthdays! 

The birthday is over, sadly. But I got some great gifts and got to spend it with some great people.

Top 5 best things about my birthday -

1. The daughter and her hubby coming for the weekend!
2. They brought gifts, cake, sunflowers, and a Hello kitty balloon!
3. Going out to dinner with friends on my actual birthday! 
4. Getting a birthday card from my cat (via the husband).
5 Great presents! - a floating chair for the pool, Lady A, and Little Big Town CDs, Birds of PA book, Still Alice movie, a couple of shirts, Terrible towel beach towel, DD mug, beautiful earrings (4 pair!), Hello kitty watch, scissors!!!! (only Jen knows how important this is!) 

For this week only - you will get an entry just for commenting - no need for a list of your own (unless you had a birthday lately and want to list about that!). 


  1. Ooh, sounds like you had a lovely birthday! I can picture you on your floating chair in the pool sipping on some wine while munching on some sushi as you read a book. :D

    There were no birthdays for me but this month was filled with teacher and classified appreciation weeks. Since I am a classified teacher, I was showered with appreciation for both weeks. I received students cards/letters, flowers, chocolate, and gift cards. Not bad ;)

    1. Hehehe that is a pretty picture you painted!!! Can't wait.
      I will have to have someone take a picture of me floating, sipping wine, eating sushi and reading a book! LOL

      And - Happy classified appreciation!!!!! Woohoo!

  2. There are no birthdays in May for this family. All ours are in December. Oh, how I wish they were in May! Six birthdays and 2 anniversaries all in December along with Christmas is just too much for my poor pocketbook, even with the best of budgeting!

    1. All of ours are in May!!!!!!! So I feel your pain!
      I have 5 family birthdays
      3 friend B-days
      and mother's day

  3. My granddaughter just celebrated her third birthday two weeks ago. May is a great birthday month!

  4. My birthday is the 31st of this month. My boyfriend's birthday is the day before mine. We usually combine our birthdays into one. Lol. Happy birthday!


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