Zombie: A Love Story - Tina DiMeo

4.5 Stars!

On the outskirts of a desolate city, a lone man marches west towards his destination. Only hours before, things had been different, vastly different, but now the landscape has changed, and so has he. What he's become, he has yet to determine.

As he makes his way on foot, he encounters challenges never anticipated in his struggle with his newfound desire to feast on human flesh. No one is safe in his path . . . and neither is he safe from them.

Zombie, A Love Story is rife with carnage amid a dystopian landscape overrun with undead, lumbering along in their mortal pursuits. But there's a new threat: a zombie prototype that has mutated, spawning a more proficient killing machine . . . one that stalks with greater accuracy, possesses superior physical adeptness, and communicates, albeit rudimentary.

So in his determination to make it back, he fails to see that his return may be the one thing that could threaten not only his safety, but also that of the one person driving his return.

Tina DiMeo is the author of Zombie, A Love Story, as well as the 1970s-based novel, Ride on My Coattails.  Both works have been independently published.

Tina also works as a freelance writer, and as a professor of communications and writing.

She is an avid devotee of zombie lore and post-apocalyptically themed films.

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Woo hoo! What a fun Zombie book this was! There were so many things I loved about this book. First, it was full of action. I loved all the great descriptions, even the gross and gory ones, because you know, that's what makes a great zombie book.

I loved how the chapters took turns from the point of view of the zombies, mainly Jeff, and the non-zombies, Sarah and Penny. And also a blogger in NYC who was blogging his account of what was happening. I loved all of this because you got three different views of what was going on.

Great character development! I thought Jeff's character as a zombie was especially excellent, very well done. I loved knowing what was going on inside of his head! I loved that he knew what was happening to him and tried to control it. He was very likeable, even though he was a zombie. I think he was my favorite character!

I thought this was fun, very well written, and also very original as far as zombie books go, some new ideas. It also had a great ending!

Thank you Tina for sending me a copy of your book for my honest review!

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