Friday Top Five!

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I saw something like this on another blog, so I don't take full credit.

Top 5 Book/Reading quirks -

1. I am a fanatic about reading reviews! I guess that is one reason I do reviews myself. I am always looking up books on amazon and Goodreads. Now that said - if a book gets a bad review sometimes I will still read it. I just like to see what is being said.

2. I never, never read the last page or chapter! I can't believe people actually do this.

3. I am also a little OCD about what page I'm on and how much more I have to go. I am constantly checking my progress.

4. I am a Download aholic! I download anything and everything that is free that looks even remotely interesting. And if it has a pretty cover... well you know!

5. I love collecting books. I collect certain Authors - Ted Dekker 7 books, Stephanie Grace Whitson 19 books, Kim Vogel Sawyer 12 books, etc. And I like collecting subjects - Maine, Alaska The Arctic, living off grid, etc.


  1. #2 is funny...I was in a book club with my mom, and THAT is when I was shocked to find that, if the book gets too stressful, she will go to the end of the book to find out how it turns out! EGAD, Mother!!!

  2. This is a hard one...I don't know what my book reading quirks are...or even if they are, in fact, quirky. Here goes...
    1. I judge a book by it's cover all the time. Sorry.
    2. I jump around a bit when I read. Not usually whole chapters, but I will skip ahead lines/paragraphs/a few pages...and then come back.
    3. I will read ahead if I just can't wait to find out how something will work out. It's just too stressful for me not to know sometimes!
    4. I read the excerpt from the back of the book, but I don't really read reviews that much...or at least base my choices off of them.
    5. I don't like e-books, but I do have a bunch downloaded. I guess I'm an e-book hoarder too!

    1. Those are absolutely reading quirks!

      Although after #2&3 - you are not my friend! I don't even know you!

      #5 - Yay for us hoarders! wait, who are you again??

  3. Quirky? Me? There's nothing quirky about me, lol. Oh wait...

    1. I keep downloading free ebooks all the time. If it sounds interesting, has good reviews, and/or has a pretty cover, then I'm downloading it.
    2. Beware of Vonnie when she's trying to go to author signings. When I want to get an author's autograph, especially at the Festival of Books, I have a game plan. Any one trying to mess with my strategy gets their head bit off.
    3. Even when I'm not reading because I'm too busy and/or in a reading slump, I still go to the library and check out books.
    4. I download 2-3 audiobooks a week from Overdrive even if I only get to listen to 1-3 audios a month.
    5. No one borrows my favorite books. If I recommend you read one of my favorites, I either suggest you buy it yourself or I simply buy it for you.

    1. Oh yeah!
      6. If I love a book, I try to get the hardback edition. If one is not available, then I get the nicest looking paperback cover. If it's part of a series, I buy the series all with the same type of covers.

      That's it...I think.

    2. Wait...my sister just told me that I cry when I see books getting destroyed. So I guess that's another quirk of mine.

    3. Hahaha Have I told you how much I love you???

      Man you sound just like me! I buy books, borrow books, and download books even when I know I will never have the time to read them and sometimes just because they have a pretty cover :-/
      And yeah I am the same way about series. if you have two hard cover and one pb in a series, that is just not cool!

  4. 1. I like to know as little as possible about a book going in.
    2. (Or kind of 1A). I have actually stopped reading three series that I love because I was blindsided with HUGE spoilers. I want to read the series but I need to forget the spoilers before I will continue.
    3 (1B) Now I'm irritated because I'm thinking about those spoilers. They're really good series!!
    4. I buy more books then I could ever read.
    5. I can only read when it's quiet. I can't go to a park or Starbucks and read. There are too many distractions. I can't read in waiting rooms or on planes or trains. You get the idea. I cannot will not Jen I am.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with #2. I hate it when I read spoilers by mistake (I hate that in TV shows too, I am always telling people "I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET!! SO DON'T SAY ANYTHING!"
      #3 hahahaha
      #4 don't we all??? Even if there was a support group for that - would anyone go?
      #5 Oh seriously??? I can read anywhere, anytime, anyway!
      I can read them in a chair, I can read them eating a pear.
      I can read them while cooking, I can listen to the without looking.
      I can read them when its quiet, I can read them when its loud!
      I can read during TV, I CAN READ! - I am proud!
      Hahaha Just call me Dr.Wendy

    2. Hahahaha. Good one Dr Wendy