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Top 5 book pet peeves, aka - things you hate in a book -
1. Too freakin long! Especially if it didn't really have to be that long.
2. So slooooow I can't make it past the first 25 pages without snoring.
3. Random explicit sex. If there is a sex scene and the people are married or if it's romantic etc. thats fine I can deal with it. But if two people meet in a coffee shop and have sex outside the door 5 min after meeting - well thats just porn.
4. If the book is all sex and there is no real plot besides the sex - this is not a book for me.
5. Books that have 100 characters and you can't keep everyone straight and half way through you are wishing you had made a who's who list.


  1. I agree with your #5 so I'm stealing it...

    1. Too many characters to keep up with.
    2. Having to learn an entire new world like with high fantasy. It's just too much work.
    3. Constant angst. I mean really, I think the good scenes should outweigh the bad scenes. Unless it's you know going in that the whole book will be angsty. Then it's different. I just don't like to be blindsided with it.
    4. With some romances the two deny that they love eachother to the point of hurting eachother. Over and over. It tend to piss me off. Granted some authors can write that back and forth in a way where it isn't painful to read but not all of them.
    5. Did I mention angst?
    6. I also agree with your too long one. If a book is long it shouldn't FEEL long. I read a 500 page book once and there were three places where I thought it could have ended but it just kept going and going and going...kind of like this long arse comment. :-p

    1. YES! YES! YES!
      LOL sorry for the orgasmic response!
      But I totally agree with you. I could make another top 5 list right now!
      Especially #4 also when one is with holding their feelings from the other because they are afraid to tell. I feel like screaming "JUST TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM ALREADY!!!!" (and I don't actually scream, even when I am alone because that would just be weird :-/)

    2. Lol you girls are funny!

  2. Haha. Orgasmic response. :-P

  3. did I miss this one?!

    1. Too damn looooooong!!!! Yes, I'm with both of you. If it's unnecessary too long or it simply feels long, I don't like it.
    2. Instant love. Yup. I don't buy the whole love at first sight. Rarely does it make sense when it's used in literature. It's more of a "lust at first sight".
    3. Teenage angst. Ay!!! I can't stand it! Thus I haven't read many YA lately.
    4. When a book series becomes too ridiculous. The series might start strong but for some reason the author decided to add more unbelievable things that are unnecessary too keep his/her reader interested.
    5. Too many sex scenes. If it's not erotica, there shouldn't be more than one sex scene. I do enjoy reading when a couple first have sex, but that's it. When they keep doing it and the scenes are explained in detail, I simply skip them.

    1. So much #4! Some authors really drag out their series


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