Friday Top Five!

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This is the last one for the month of July! Wow, that month went fast! So double check to see that you left your lists for the other ones for the month so you can get in as many entries as you can!

Top 5 mail pet peeves -
1. Always getting somebody elses mail!!! 
2. Spiders in the mailbox! Seriously, they love it in there! They could do an Arachnophobia movie just about my mailbox!
3. They leave boxes at the mailbox where they can be stolen (I speak from experience, This is not the safest city in the world) instead of bringing them to the door.
4. Getting a bill in the mail two days before its due date!!!!
5. Junk mail - need I say more?

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  1. Huh...I'm not sure I have many...let's see...

    1. Junk mail
    2. How it costs the same $$ to ship something in your neighboring city as it is to a different state. Shouldn't it be cheaper?
    3. How picky many of the mailmen get. For example, my dance instructor lives on the hills so the mailman drives up to the mailbox instead of walk. You have to be parked at a certain distance from the box (they want exactly 6 feet or more of space in front of the box). If you are one inch below 6 feet (you know 5 foot 11 inches), the mailman refuses to put mail in the box.
    4. When the mailman is too lazy to ring the doorbell or knock but instead leaves an "I missed you" note for a package. I actually witnessed this as I was washing dishes one day and the window looks out directly at the mailbox. I had to run after the mail guy and yell at him.
    5. Getting somebody else's mail.

    Jeesh...I guess I do have pet peeves. lol

    1. I have so many more, I could probably do a top 50 list!

      And I can't believe it about #4!!!!!!!

    2. Yeah, it's amazing how lazy people can get.

    3. Yeah, it's amazing how lazy people can get.

  2. 1. Getting regular mail from retirement homes, etc. seriously, I'm 32 not 82. Dicks.
    2. Not getting fun mail every day. Every day should be a happy mail day!
    3. Expecting a package on a rainy day when I'm not home. Our new mail person doesn't always bag it. :-/
    4. Expecting a package and then not getting it at all. Big let down.
    5. Seeing a book sized package at the door only to realize it's something hubby ordered and not a new pretty book. Bigger let down.

    1. Hahahahaha about #1
      Yeah I hardly ever get "fun" mail.
      - seeing a book shaped package then realizing its for nextdoor! :-/