Friday Top Five!

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Well no one responded to the last two lists  :-(  I hope this isn't something I will have to discontinue.
I'll try another booky one!

Top 5 places you get books -
1. Authors - I swear! I get more books from the authors themselves than any other place! And there are so many that I turn down. I get at least 3 emails every day from authors asking to review their books.

2. Publishing companies - I get some great books right from the publishers!

3. Book tour/review groups - I belong to quite a few of these and they offer, again, some great books!

4. Amazon - doesn't everyone?

5. Book stores - B&N and BAM etc.

Now this has all changed since moving to PA. I used to get so many books from the library. If you can believe it - I haven't even been to this library! Its big and I don't even know where to park! IKR?
And in NY I went to B&N, there are non here, so now I go to BAM. I do miss B&N tho.
There were also a couple used book stores I went to. There is suppose to be a good one here but again I haven't been yet.

What are your top places for getting books? Come on people! Do this list!


  1. I haven't been buying as many books lately but I usually stick with Amazon. Although I do go to BN and BAM on occasion. And the little used book store by my house.

    1. Yes, I love that little used book store!

    2. They actually opened up their back room too so they have even more room/books.

  2. 1. Amazon
    2. Walmart
    3. Authors
    4. Publishing Companies
    5. Library

    1. I have gotten books form Walmart before, they have good prices.

  3. 1. Library
    2. Yard sales
    3. Friends
    4. Amazon
    5. Book stores

    1. Yard sales! I have not been to one single yard sale this year! I have found books at them in the past tho.