Breathe and Release - Katherine Hayton

5 + Stars!!!

Police and emergency services are on the scene of a single vehicle accident on State Highway 7 between Culverden and Leslie Hills. Fire Services were called to the accident shortly after 3.00pm today, to remove the occupant of the vehicle who has since been transferred to Christchurch Hospital, where she remains in a serious but stable condition. State Highway 7 is reduced to a single lane at the site of the accident along Mouse Point Road, but should be fully reopened later tonight.

Christchurch City CIB are appealing for information that would assist them to locate the whereabouts of Lillian Hargreaves, who was last seen being pulled into the back of a white transit van, no registration, at 4.15am Saturday 7th November 2015. Lillian was reported missing by her long-time partner Greg, and grave concerns are held for her safety. If any member of the public has information about her whereabouts they can contact DSS Smith at Papanui Police Station.

Kristen Thompson would like to know, are you kidding her, are you really kidding her, as she prepares for the return of her step-mother. Her father, who was in the process of obtaining a divorce, has invited his wife to live with them again while she recovers from a car accident which has left her with amnesia. As if Kristen didn’t have enough to cope with already.

Katherine Hayton is a 42 year old woman who works in insurance, doesn't have children or pets, can't drive, has lived in Christchurch her entire life, and currently resides a two minute walk from where she was born. For some reason she's developed a rich fantasy life.

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Ho-ly Crap!!!! And I thought Stephen King had a twisted mind! Man, this author is good! You know a book was good when immediately upon finishing you do a search for other books by the author.

This book was SO suspenseful! ...and creepy and a little frightening. What a twisty turny sequence of events. Reading it was like going through a maze and not knowing what was around each corner. I could have easily read it all in one sitting if it weren't for annoying little things such as - dinner getting in the way. As it was TV had to take a backseat that night.
But... this book took such a tremendous turn that I was almost afraid to finish it. It was almost like I didn't really want to know!

Excellent character development. It was almost freaky the way you see into their minds. I could picture Elisabet at every single scene. Even the minor characters came to life for me.

This story had such a creepy plot to it I would love to see it as a movie!

Here are a few quotes -
"The only memories no one expected her to recall  were the events directly leading to the car accident. Which was a pity because that was the only area Elisabet would like covered. Why was she driving alone on an empty road nowhere near her house? Why did she drive into a pole at full speed?"

"Pretend you're a contestant on Survivor, she thought as she put it into her mouth and squeezed it between her teeth until it popped. Or, it's a detour on The Amazing Race, and if you get through this you're in the running for a million dollars." ~ as a fan of both of those shows, I loved this!
"She missed the old fashioned phone they'd had in the stupid state house in Burwood. She could slam that baby down. Pushing a button that gently vibrated under her finger to let her know she'd actually pressed it just wasn't the same." ~ LOL
Be prepared - once you start reading, you will not be able to stop! Definitely one of the more amazing books I have read this year - this will go on the list as one of my favorites.
I am not finished with this author - that's a promise.

Thank you!  Katherine Hayton for sending me a copy of your book for my honest review.

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  1. sounds like an awesome read deff will have to check it out I never heard of the author before now will be looking her up

    1. Yes! You should check it out!
      I can't wait wait to read another one by her.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah and quite a few good ones too!
      But what happens is that I get behind and end up playing catch-up at the end of the month.