Cat Lady - Mary M. Schmidt (GIVEAWAY!)

4 Stars!

Set in Rome, Cat Lady tells the story of Old Maria, the most mysterious friend of feral cats in the Eternal City.  Most tourists think she is just a dotty old soul who talks to pathetic stray cats. But things are rarely as they seem.   In fact, Maria has an awesome talent, and the cats are enchanted, too.  An urgent end-of-life request has come to her.  It sounds impossible to grant.  But for anyone who has ever truly loved another, and places trust in the cat lady, the impossible is the only real illusion.

Mary M. Schmidt was a student in Rome during the 60s and came to know of the many feral cat colonies in the Eternal City. She is an author of prose, poetry, and was a member of Poets Against the Iraq War. She currently lives outside of Washington DC with her cat, Graycie.

Awww this is a love story, a cat love story! This is a sweet fairy tale sort of book. I am a great lover of cats. Right now I have a beautiful Maine Coon kitty named Martina, she is quite spoiled. 

As I was reading my thoughts kept going to the broadway show of Cats that I saw in NYC many years ago. The musical was wonderful and I was picturing those people as cats on stage while I was reading this.
It also, oddly enough, reminded me of the poem - The Owl and the Pussy Cat, which I love!

This was such a delightful, magical, sad, but heartwarming story - all told in the form of a poem!  The only thing that would have made it a little better would be a few drawings or pictures. That seemed to be missing for me. Other than that, this poem/story was pure joy!

My kitty, Martina (I couldn't resist)

Thank you Mary for sending me this sweet book for my honest review!

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  1. I had a cat that looked much like yours. I miss him. He was so cool. Maine Coons are great. And they are magical in their own way just like the cats in this book.

  2. Cat Lady sounds captivating, intriguing and unique. What a great setting. Thanks for this lovely giveaway and special feature. We had many cats when we were young. One at time and Smoky looked like the cat in the photo. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. LOVE that you posted a pic of Martina! And what a poser she is!!

  4. Your Martina is gorgeous!


  5. Enjoy the stories with kitties. We have two. One is mostly siamese called Bandit because of his darker markings and Furball who is mostly black with white bib and paws. Both are rescued kitties.

  6. Martina is beautiful! I love stories where animals are involved.

  7. How very interesting this book sounds, would love to sit down with my cat on my lap and read about The Cat Lady in Rome

  8. Wow! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my pretty kitty!