Friday Top Five!

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Top 5 favorite Fall & Winter comfort foods -
1. Home made soup (got some going in the crack pot right now!)
2. Chili (vegetarian of course)
3. Mac & cheese (but I do have this all year round)
4. Switching back to hot latte's from iced
5. Hot herbal tea (I don't really drink a lot of this in the summer)


  1. I like comfort foods all year but that's just me. I know a lot of people think it's nuts to have soup or chili in the summer.

    Some fav comfort foods (again, not season specific)

    1. Chicken pot pie (the pie and the soup are both nommy)
    2. Mac n cheese
    3. Chili and brown buttered noodles...although to appease my hubby I usually make mashed potatoes with chili. Party pooper.
    4. Coffee. Mmm.
    5. Pizza. Mmm.

    1. Oh pizza my favorite! But I eat that all year.
      Potato soup - yum!

  2. Winter comfort foods....
    1. Hot chocolate
    2. Taco Soup
    3. Frito pie
    4. Chili
    5. S'mores

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

    1. See I'm not a hot cocoa person.
      Taco soup - that sounds good, but prob has meat in it?