Ghost of a Chance - Ani Gonzalez

3.5 Stars

But with the help of the Banshee Creek Historical Preservation Committee, Elizabeth hopes to put the ghost stories to rest. Her hometown will again be known for its vintage homes, its heirloom apple orchards, and its historical, not phantasmagorical, attributes, and she won’t let anyone, even her long-time crush, Gabe Franco, stand in her way.

Gabe Franco has a big problem. His new marketing campaign for Banshee Creek Cidery is based on one thing, ghosts. But the Historical Preservation Committee nutcases are trying to erase the town’s spookier traditions, and he has to stop them before they render his investment worthless. Unfortunately, the leader of the anti-ghost crusade is all-too-tempting Elizabeth Hunt, his best friend’s sister and the one woman who is strictly off limits. But when sexy real estate agent rallies the townsfolk against him, Gabe wonders if he'll lose his business…or his heart.

Ani Gonzalez writes sexy paranormal small town romance (whew, that's a mouthful!) set in Banshee Creek, Virginia, The Most Haunted Town in the USA. Her books feature feisty, irrepressible heroines conquering strong, controlling alpha males (with a bit of supernatural help). She likes folks songs, ghosts stories and sangria.

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 This ended up being a cute book for me, but it took a while to get there. It seemed very slow in the beginning and it took me a long time to get a feel for the characters. I love ghost stories. but this did not feel like a ghost story to me, it just felt like a romance with talk about ghosts. Finally there was some ghost activity (just not soon enough and not enough for me LOL).

I definitely would want to live in a town like that!  I guess I like the thrilling feeling of being scared. I would want to go through all the haunted houses!

All-in-all this was not a bad read for me, just slow. There were definitely some fun, quirky, and cute moments. Also some of the writing was witty and I liked that.
"Everyone in town knew about the Hagen House. This house wasn't just a white elephant. It was a white elephant in scary clown makeup, holding a bloody chainsaw in its trunk. No real estate agent would dare try to sell this house."
Thank you "Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours" for sending me this e-book for my honest review.

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