Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters - Lida Sideris

4.5 Stars!

Watch out Southern California! There’s a new entertainment attorney in town and she’s got game. Only problem is, it’s not the one she should be playing. Corrie Locke belongs behind a desk, not behind a Glock. She should be taking VIP calls, not nosing around a questionable suicide. Instead, she’s hot on the trail of a murderer.
Luckily, she’s the daughter of a late, great private eye and she’s inherited his love of sleuthing…and illegal weaponry. It doesn’t help matters that her gene for caution is a recessive one. Corrie finds herself in the center of a murder case, unearthing suspects in shocking places. With a cold-blooded killer on the loose, Corrie will have to up her game, or die trying.

Like her heroine, Corrie Locke, Lida worked as an entertainment attorney for a film studio. Unlike her heroine, she did not get blackmailed into investigating a mysterious death. Lida has written numerous magazine and newspaper articles, a poem or two, and a teleplay. She shares her home with her family and an assortment of rescue dogs and uppity chickens.
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Fabulous! A funny but suspenseful mix of Mystery and Chick-lit. Reading this book was like watching Miss Congeniality w/ Sandra Bullock (my fav actress!). I Started out wanting to give this 4 stars but it just kept getting better and better.

The only neg. for me was there were a lot of characters to keep track of, and I didn't do that very well, I kept forgetting who was who. You know how I am with this.
I did love the main characters though. Corrie was hilarious, quirky, fun, cute, and sweet. But don't take that the wrong way. She is also very gutsy and courageous. Corrie, Veera, Billy and Michael (loved him!) make up such a zany crew of PI's. I think I had a secret book crush on Michael - shhhh.
A few of my favorite quotes -
"Well I measure my days by the number of homicidal thoughts I have. I only had two today. So it must have been good."
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or call 9-1-1.

His overactive charm poured out like a lone drainage pipe after a flash flood.

He leaned down toward my head, practically burying his nose in my hair.
"Do you mind?" I squirmed.
"You smell good."
"So does hot chocolate, but you don't nosedive into that, do you?"
"I might, I love hot chocolate."
If you are a fun of Mystery or a fan of Chick-lit - doesn't matter, you will love this book! I always say "I'm not a huge fan of Mystery" but this is the kind of mystery I love! It's funny, quirky, and very fast paced, like lightening speed fast paced.LOL You won't get bored with this one. Reading this his book was like going on an adventure.

 I veered out of the parking lot and bounced onto the cavity-ridden dirt road. The mystery car appeared out of nowhere from beneath the tall pines, eclipsed by the darkness. Now it raced away somewhere ahead.

“Why didn’t we hear it start?” I asked James.

“It’s a hybrid.”

“We’re in a car chase with a Prius?” A car chase with a Porsche or Ferrari was respectable, but with a battery operated car? All bragging rights vanished.

I shifted into warp speed and surged downhill. Seconds later, we faced the hybrid’s rear bumper. The spot for the license plate sat empty.

“He’s not getting away,” I said.

The hybrid turned and launched up a hill, kicking up pebbles and a dusty haze. It fish-tailed and I nearly nipped it in the rear. I executed a sharp left and ran over something large. And lumpy.

“Stop,” James said.

I skidded to a halt, a cloud of dirt trapped in my headlights. The Prius escaped through an open gate and onto La Paz. My eyes cut to the rear view mirror. My tail-lights illuminated the road behind us in an eerie red glow. As I surveyed the scene, not a trace of saliva remained in my mouth.

Thank you Lida Sideris for sending me a copy of your e-book for my honest review!

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