The Time Garden - Daria Song

 5++++ Stars!

The Time Garden
A Magical Journey and Coloring Book
By Daria Song

About The Time Garden A dazzlingly beautiful coloring book for all ages, The Time Garden will sweep you away into a whimsical cuckoo clock–inspired world, created in intricate pen and ink by the internationally best-selling Korean artist Daria Song.

Journey through the doors of a mysterious cuckoo clock into its inky innerworkings to discover a magical land of clock gears, rooftops, starry skies, and giant flying owls—all ready for you to customize with whatever colors you can dream up.

DARIA SONG is an author and artist from Seoul, Korea. Winner of the Kyung Hyang Arts Contest, Song has a master’s degree in fiber arts and has exhibited at numerous galleries and museums in Korea, Singapore, Turkey, and Hong Kong. She spent five years of her childhood in San Francisco, California, before returning to Korea, and the sense of wonder and mystery that comes from living in a far-off place inspired The Time Garden

Honestly, words can not describe how gorgeous this book is! When I opened the package that I got in the mail - my first response was "Wow!". The artist's drawings are just beautiful and so special.

There is a short story in the beginning and end, but it seems pretty insignificant compared to the gorgeous pictures. It's not really a story book, it's a coloring book.
It also isn't really a child's coloring book in my opinion (there might be some younger children who might appreciate it, but probably not as much as adults). It is very detailed and a child might become overwhelmed or bored with it. I would say it is an adult or young adult coloring book (which are becoming increasingly popular). What a wonderful way to get out all the stress of the day. To sit down and unwind to a quiet time of coloring. Who doesn't love to color? I love coloring! I have actually seen a lot of "adult style" coloring books and this one is the nicest by far!

It seems like this book is very well made. It has a gorgeous cover with little metallic leaves (that don't come out nearly as nice in my pic.). There are nice thick pages. I plan on using color pencils for this. I think that would be best. It is also a very nice large size.

This would make a very nice gift for someone special (or for yourself!). I think a young adult or teen would love it.

Here are a few pictures I took, one of the cover so you can see the metallic and one with my hand so you could see the size.

Thank you "Ten Speed Press/Penguin Random House" for sending me a copy of this book for my honest review!

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  1. This Is gorgeous! I've just recently gotten into coloring--I'll have to add this to my wish list!

  2. Soooo, did you color any of the pages? I have a few adult coloring books and I lurv them

  3. Gosh that looks so much better than all those mandala type colouring books out there! Cheers from Caroles' Chatter

  4. I have this book and the other one "Th Time Chamber". Haven't started coloring in them yet. I love them


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