Friday Top Five!

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I have been sick the past couple days!
Which makes me think of food! (Well not really, but I can pretend for the sake of this post).

Top 5 Thanksgiving foods -
1. Stuffing! Its all about the stuffing!
2. Mashed potatoes, I love potatoes anyway, but with a little turkey gravy.
3. Squash, I love squash. I don't know why I don't make it more often, not just at Thanksgiving...
4. Pie! Oh my gosh, the pies!
5. Breads, rolls, etc. I've been dieting so have not had bread in a while.

 And just so you know. - being a vegetarian - I will eat turkey on Thanksgiving.


  1. -I love leftover turkey sandwiches
    -I also like dipping my rolls in sweet potatoes or regular mashed potatoes.
    -Stuffing is da bomb...well most of it. I prefer more traditional stuffing over some science experiment gone wrong lol
    -mashed potatoes and corn just because I don't really eat corn often the rest of the year...even though I love the stuff.
    -pumpkin bread is amazeballs as well. Especially warm with a little butter. Mmm.

    1. Yes I prefer just reg stuffing, none of that oyster crap! I can't even imagine oysters in my stuffing!

    2. People put oysters in stuffing?!?!? *scrunches nose*


      Look it up, there are tons of them! Yuck!

    4. I think I just threw up a little

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    Top 5 Thanksgiving foods:
    1. Chicken and Dressing
    2. Sweet Potatoes
    3. Green Bean Bundles
    4. Rolls
    5. Dessert

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

    1. Green bean bundles??? Hmm - I want to know about these. Are they wrapped with bacon or something (I don't eat bacon so...)

    2. Yes! They are wrapped with bacon, covered with a butter, brown sugar, and worcestershire marinade and baked.

  3. Top five....
    Dressing, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, pies


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