Friday Top Five!

This is the last month of Friday Top Five's.
At the the end of Dec. I will choose a winner for this month. Then I will tally up all the responses for the year to see how many entries you all get and choose a winner to receive a $25.00 e-card from Amazon! 

So you might want to get some lists in this month to get yourself a few extra entries.

Top 5 things you are looking forward to this Christmas -

1. The daughter and her Hubby coming down the weekend of the 19th to celebrate.
2. My hubby and I will be alone on Christmas day, so that will be nice. Maybe we will invite someone over for dinner!
3. I already got my Christmas gift! An exercise bike, I have wanted one for so long! So I am actually looking forward to using it over the winter.
4. The weather! The weather here has been fantastic! Honestly, I don't even care if we don't have a white Christmas. White Christmas' are highly over-rated!
5. And, as usual - Christmas music! Fa la la la la, la la, la la!



  1. A New House!!!!
    Being done with gift shopping early (just one or two more things to get)
    A New House!!!
    Giving gifts to a few people early. It's fun to stretch out the giving.
    A New House!!!
    A Xmas where way may actually be able to stay home (to pack for the new house!!!)


    1. Xmas movies too! I'm a sucker for Xmas movies

    2. Gee do ya think you're a little excited about your house????

  2. 1. Christmas cookies
    2. Watching the kids open presents
    3. Being with my family
    4. Opening my presents. Hehe.
    5. Christmas carols.

    1. I think my email is in my profile, but in case not: eendrizzi79@gmail.com

    2. Oh I always make Christmas cookies. I don't know if I will this year. ????

  3. I look forward to watching my grandchildren Christmas morning, breakfast with family, everyone at my house for food and presents, looks of surprise with certain gifts, Christmas cards.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com