Friday Top Five!

This is the last month of Friday Top Five's.
At the the end of Dec. I will choose a winner for this month. Then I will tally up all the responses for the year to see how many entries you all get and choose a winner to receive a $25.00 e-card from Amazon! 

So you might want to get some lists in this month to get yourself a few extra entries.

Ahhhhhhh Christmas is only a week away!!!!!

So... What have you been busy doing?
Top 5 Things you have been busy doing in prep for Christmas -
1. Cleaning the house (for the daughter and hubby coming this weekend)
2. Grocery shopping for Christmas dinner
3. Buying, wrapping, and sending gifts
4. Multiple phone convos trying to coordinate everything
5. Finishing up homemade gifts

What is your list?

Wow! I love this list!
I will have to do something like this next year.


  1. Buy last few gifts
    I need to mail my Xmas cards...just have to decide when to drop them in the box
    attempting to keep the house clean
    Drive by the one house in my neighborhood as often as possible. Their lights are SO over the top and I love it lol.

    1. Oh and I agree, that pic of the Xmas list is very cool!

    2. We are going to drive around and look at lights tonight :-)

  2. 1. Decorated house inside and out.
    2. Cut down and decorated our tree.
    3. Shopped and wrapped presents.
    4. Baking cookies tomorrow.
    5. Crocheting gifts for my boyfriend and daughter.

  3. Psst...guess who's back for a bit in Bloggosphere? lol

    Prep for Christmas? Does going on winter break count?

    1. Got students ready for Winter Show
    2. Made sure students didn't go off the walls on the last week of school.
    3. Got my wine ready when I left work the last day and turned in my final project for school.
    4. Last minute shopping
    5. Wrapping gifts
    6. Oh yeah...the tree


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