Merry Christmas - Friday Top Five!

This is the last of the Friday Top Five's!!!

At the the end of Dec. I will choose a winner for this month. Then I will tally up all the responses for the year to see how many entries you all get and choose a winner to receive a $25.00 e-card from Amazon! 

So you might want to get some lists in this month to get yourself a few extra entries

This one will be an easy one.

Top five Christmas things that pop into your mind - OK go!
1. I am loving this warm weather! No white Christmas for me!
2. Christmas dinner with friends. Then off to NY to the in-laws.
3. I love my new iPod speaker dock I got from the daughter :-)
4. Love the new lighthouse calendar, but will miss the FL GA Line boys! LOL I may just keep it to take a peek now and then.
5. After Christmas sales!!!



  1. Feliz Navidad, my friend!!!!

    Top 5 things that popped in my mind:
    1. How full I am yet I cannot wait for tomorrow's breakfast feast.
    2. I love how my first Ponche de Frutas came out.
    3. I can't wait to see my family's faces when they open up their gifts.
    4. Shoot...I forgot to buy gifts for the dogs. That's okay. We have left over carne asada.
    5. It stopped raining. Looks like it's going to be another sunny Christmas.

  2. 1. Christmas carols.
    2. Big dinner at my parents' house.
    3. Opening presents and watching the kids open theirs.
    4. Santa.
    5. Christmas cookies.

  3. -It, unfortunately, didn't feel much like Christmas this year
    -With the insanely warm weather
    -and doing house stuff everyday (even Xmas day)
    -but as much as I'm really missing the cold and the possibility of a white Christmas
    -I'm kind of glad the cold is holing off. Here's hoping it continues to hold off so we can get safely moved and sell our place quickly.

    -we did get to spend a little time with family though so that's good
    -but please remind me to never move this time of year again. Lol


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