The Gift: A Parable of the Key (The Parables of Virginia Bean Book 3) - Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

5 Stars!

After the death of their only child, it was time for Virginia and Richard to truly act on the power held within the five stones.
But their healing was taking a long time, and, quite frankly, proving to be an empty vessel needing to be filled.
Would they ever have a child of their own?
Would the old key help in their search for the truth? Joy was in their lives once again, a homeless teen with an alcoholic mother, still managing the journey to Just Desserts for another pink cupcake.
Was Joy the answer? And if so, what was the truth locked within her heart?
Travel with Virginia and Richard as they make their journey with God. Seek. Knock. Open. Find. Discover for yourself how an open heart - heals.

When I was young I thought I had to sound like a great writer to be one. It was all so overwhelming; now I know I only need to sound like myself. My ideas come from two primary sources. My work might spark from the enlightening words of a friend, teacher or writing prompt. At other times, I am sitting in a very still space and the words I should write come to me like a powerful and glowing wind.

My favorite tool is the pen. Though computer keys get the words down quicker and easier, I like to put pen to paper, smell the ink, see the words as they are developed and renewed by new phrases or thoughts.

I have read all three in this series now and I think this was my favorite! This was was more emotionally charged. It was very heartfelt, a little sad and a bit of suspense to it. I think Kathryn's writing just keeps getting better and better.

I found this story to be so much more interesting than the others. I listened to the audible version, and had it on while I was on my new exercise bike. I was so distracted while listening I biked 5 mi.! This time around I was very emotionally invested in the characters and what happened to them. I think it was the addition of Joy. She was a part of the last book but was more of a main character in this one. I just loved her and the story of her relationship with her mom. Hey Kathryn - hint hint - I would love to see a series about a grown-up Joy! That would be good huh? LOL

If you are looking for a great christian series that will definitely keep your interest (and you might learn something in the process) - this one is for you!

Thank you Kathryn for sending me your latest book for my honest review! Keep 'em coming!

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