The Lightening Round - Bruce Stuart

4.5 Stars!

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to dare to fall in love with someone who literally isn’t on your level?

The Lightening Round is a fast-paced novel brimming with colorful characters, sinister plots of intrigue and revenge, and over-the-top antics.

Hannah More, a single mom with weight issues, assumes that her longtime boyfriend, Luke Havitt, is about to propose marriage to her. Instead, he proposes that in order for Hannah to take their relationship to the next level, that she needs to join a gym and to lose weight. Hannah soon finds herself entering the Ultimate Level, a highly controversial yet incredibly sought after San Francisco “fitness experience” known for not only having the latest in technology and fashion, but also segregating all of its members based solely on their weight and fitness levels.

This snappy novel ultimately questions whether true love can survive two individuals from different levels. Even if those levels are only found at a gym.

Bruce Stuart is the founder of five previous books and is the founder of the popular serial fiction website, SerialTeller.com. The Lightening Round was previously seen in part as a serial on SerialTeller.com under the pseudonym K.T. Newman.
Bruce lives and works in San Francisco.

Yes, this book is rude, sexist, and VERY over-the-top, but... it was supposed to be that way (at least I hope it was). That's what made it so freakin hilarious! At first I didn't really think I was going to like it at all but the more I read the more I loved it. This book became an addiction for me! I couldn't help but read it.

This book came at just the right time for me. I, myself am trying to loose weight! I have lost 18 lbs since Sept and have gone from a size 12 to a size 8! I am in a program called First Place 4 Health that meets at my church. Obviously its working. I think, if anything, the ridiculousness of this book encouraged me even more!

The "gym" in this book is so terrible, and they do things in all the wrong ways but again, that's what makes it so funny! If you are offended reading this book then you were looking at it the wring way. You have to go into this book knowing that it is kind of a satire, dripping with sarcasm and snark. I love books like that! And there was a little flirty, romancey stuff going on that made it even funnier.

If you are looking for a very funny, snarky, FICTION book about weight-loss then this is the one for you! Just don't take it too seriously.

“Can members on different levels interact inside the club?”

     “Yes. And outside as well. But there are time limitations.” Missy smiled and looked at them both supportively. It was time to kick the sales into high-gear.
     “And they are?” Levreece and Hannah couldn’t help but be completely awed by Dante as he strutted by the office in an outfit that showed off his incredible physique. Hannah was taken back when she realized that he was even better looking in person than he’d appeared on TV.
     “Fifteen minutes for each individual who is on a different level every two weeks.” Missy gave Dante a passing glance. “It helps incentivize you. Also, if you are only working on your own level you won’t be as distracted towards achieving your fitness goals.”
     Levreece smiled at Missy’s rigid face. “Damned. Even the Little Mermaid got longer than that to land her prince.”
     “But she didn’t have her voice. Now, did she?” It took Missy by surprise that he had alluded to one of her all time favorite movies. She often cried at the end over Ursula, the Sea Witch’s, tragic demise.
     “I guess you have to talk fast around here.” Hannah hadn’t been in sales for most of her adult life without realizing that Missy was simply selling a dream that very few can obtain. Although she had heard a few of her friends say that if one was able to hold on through the grueling process, Ultimate Level got amazing results.
     “If you both join today. I am prepared to give you a very attractive membership package.” Missy ignored their skepticism.
     Levreece thought about Dante. “Well, I do like packages.” 

     “Both?  I’m sorry, Miss.” Hannah could feel her chocolate buzz crashing.

     Missy addressed Hannah as she would a first grader who lacked proper discipline. “The name’s Missy.” 
     “Okay, Missy. I’m sorry if you misunderstood. I’m just here to support Levreece. I am most certainly not joining a gym.” She tightened the head-to-toe black raincoat she had draped around her body.
     Missy felt the blood boiling in her veins at the mention of the word “gym.” She held her seething anger inside as she spoke. “This is not a gym, Hannah. It is a health and fitness experience.”
     “I’m not signing up for one of those near-death experiences either. Whatever you want to call it.”

Thank you "Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours" for sending me this e-book for my honest review!

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  1. How can anyone resist this: colorful characters, sinister plots of intrigue and revenge, and over-the-top antics?? Looking into this one!

  2. Congrats on losing weight!!!

    At first glance, this book does sound sexist and rude, but you say it's more of a satire. I'll have to keep that in mind if I read it.

    1. Thank you!!!

      I was a little put off at first, truth be told, but as I kept reading the story I grew to love it and didn't mind it. It was supposed to be that way.