A Fine Line - Emma Leigh Reed

4 Stars

Think your mother can't haunt you from her grave? Think again because Grace McAllister's mother is meddling in her love life despite that fact that she's dead.  Xander Stevens, the bad boy with a sensitive heart, rides into town on his motorcycle and awakens the need for Grace to walk the fine line between being responsible and doing things she has only dreamed of.  They are thrown together in a manipulative situation by Grace’s dead mom. In order to collect the inheritance they need to work together and live together – or is there a loophole to be found? When things start disappearing, Grace wonders if she is losing her mind. Can Xander knock down her protective wall so she can learn to love fully?

Emma Leigh Reed has lived in New Hampshire all her life. She has fond memories of the Maine coastline and incorporates the ocean into all her books. She lives in a small town with her three children, although now it is mostly her and her Springer Spaniel to keep her company as empty-nesting has started. Her life has been touched and changed by her son's autism - she views life through a very different lens than before he was born. Growing up as an avid reader, it was only natural for Emma Leigh to turn to creating the stories for others to enjoy.? 

She has a very nice website - HERE

This book certainly had some interesting twists to it. I wouldn't really call this a romance, but maybe a suspenseful love story. It was a nice easy quick read and had a very good flow to it.

I liked all the characters especially Grace and Xander, well especially Xander lol - I really liked his personality. He is someone I would had gotten along with.

I loved the way the chapters took turns between the two characters, I love it when books do that. You get to know the characters better that way, you know what they are each thinking. Grace did drive me a little nuts sometimes with all her back and forth, back and forth. I wanted to yell "Just make up your mind already!". But at least she talked to Xander about it most of the time, telling him of her thoughts and fears. Finally A book where people actually talk about their feelings and what they're thinking instead of making assumptions! That really infuriates me in books when half of the book is about lost love because of assumptions. So a huge thanks to the author for that little thing :-)

The ending was a little unbelievable for me (too convenient) - but still enjoyable - a good read for sure!

Thanks to "Book Review Buzz" for turning me on to this author, and thanks to Emma for sending me a copy of her book for my honest review!

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