The Last Ride - Susan K Marlow

5 Stars!

Andrea Carter is turning sweet sixteen and life could not be better. School’s almost over for good, and there will be plenty of time to train the colt of her treasured horse, Taffy. Best of all, big brother Chad is giving Andi more responsibilities on the ranch she loves.

Her first job is to teach city-slicker cousin Daniel how things work on the Circle C. There’s just one big problem: Daniel wants nothing to do with ranch life. Charming one minute and outrageously rude the next, he ignores common sense, defies authority, and proves a danger to everyone, including himself.

When Andi stumbles onto a horrifying secret about Daniel, he warns her to stay silent or face the deadly consequences. But all bets are off when Daniel’s actions set off a chain of events that leave Andi brokenhearted and bitter. Can anyone break through the wall around Andi’s heart and help her find healing?

As a child, Susan Marlow grew tired of reading books in which only boys encountered danger and adventure. So at the age of ten she began writing her own stories--stories in which girls took the risks and became the heroines. Susan never intended to become a published author but is currently the author of 4 series of "wholesome books for kids": the Circle C Adventures, Circle C Beginnings, Circle C Milestones, and the Goldtown Adventures, where she combines her love of writing with her passion for American history, especially the setting of the Old West.

Susan is a freelance editor, a teacher, and a twenty-year homeschooling veteran. In addition to writing her "wholesome books for kids," she speaks at Young Authors conferences and travels around the country to share her books and experiences with other homeschooling families at conventions. The rest of the time she and her husband, Roger, enjoy their 14-acre homestead in north-central Washington State.

I really had no idea I would love this book as much as I did! What a wonderful surprise. I found myself devouring every page and only wanting more. Such a sweet, touching but suspenseful story.
And now I can't wait till the next book because I have to find out what happens between Andi and Riley. This is the 3rd book in the series, but the first for me. I had no trouble getting into it and didn't feel like I had missed anything.

Great character development. I wasn't sure how I felt about Andi in the beginning, but she quickly won me over. I loved Riley instantly! And despised Daniel just as quickly.

This is a nice clean, Christian (but not preachy) and exciting story written for, I would say - young teens or preteens, but can be equally enjoyed by adults. It was a bit sad at times and would be a great book for discussion. I did shed a few tears towards the end.

Thank you Kregel Publications for sending me this great book for my honest review!

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