The Well Path - Jame' Heskett, M.D.

5++++ Stars!

Lose twenty pounds and reverse the aging process in just sixty days with this clinically proven, holistic lifestyle plan from an anti-aging expert whose clients include some of New York City’s most successful women.

Most diets don’t work because they restrict food intake and put inconsistent physical stress on the body, starving cells, throwing hormones out of whack, and slowing down metabolism. In The Well Path, Dr. Jamé Heskett offers us a radical new approach: In order to lose weight, we first have to heal the damage we’ve done to our bodies from years of dieting. Before we can lose weight for good, we need to achieve homeostasis—total balance in the body, with all its systems working in concert. When you're there, you’re full of energy, look and feel younger, and lose weight effortlessly.

The Well Path is her sixty-day plan to get you there. Dr. Heskett provides a detailed week-by-week and day-by-day calendar of small changes and challenges to get you on your own Well Path. You begin with Well Prep, a month-long period to get you acclimated to simple lifestyle changes. The second month is devoted to Well Practice, a roadmap to homeostasis that focuses on six areas of 

Circulation—improving the vascular system gets rid of stored fat and toxins
Hunger—learning to identify real and false hunger to avoid overeating
Activity—non-exercise activity that can burn hundreds of extra calories
Nutrition—a diverse array of nutrients (especially fiber) to improve gut absorption and balance hormones
General Health—the importance of sleep, sex, stress, and social interaction
Exercise—Dr. Heskell’s code for maximum fat-for-energy exercise conversion

The Well Path will take you from sickness to health, fat to fit, and old to young—in just sixty days.

Jamé Heskett, M.D. is the founder and director of Wellpath, an anti-aging and wellness center in New York City. Dr. Heskett received her M.D. in family health from George Washington University and completed her postgraduate residency training at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, rounding out her medical practice with a formal education in homeopathy and naturopathy which she integrates into her practice. The mother of three children, she lives with her family in New York City.
Find out more about Dr. Heskett and The Well Path at her website, and follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Everything about this book is absolutely fantastic! I am not only going to review this book... I am going to Do it! And I am going to blog about it.
I am so excited that I am going to do my review in several parts. First, in this one - I will just do a review of the book. Then next Friday (April 1) I will do a follow-up post and each week after that - I will tell you how I am using this book. I am already in a program that is working well for me, but I am going to add "The Well Path" to what I am already doing. So I will tell you all about that. 
Please come back on 4/1 for the first stop on my journey!

The first half of this book is about your body. What happens in and to your body, during the aging process and during dieting etc. Everything is explained so well, in detail but in a language so you can easily understand.
I am a pretty educated person. I have been a vegetarian all my adult life. I am very health conscious and very in-tune with my body. I like to learn and do research on things I am interested in. I learned so much reading this book!
The whole first half of the book was fascinating, and probably the best healthy living/diet/nutrition book I have ever read. Usually with a book like this I tend to skip around and only read the parts that I am interested in - not so with this one! I am reading this cover to cover. When I started reading at the beginning - I could not put it down, it was that interesting! I have highlighted and bookmarked so much of this book it probably would have been easier to just highlight the whole thing!

This book happened to me at just the right time. It was just what I needed for my life right now. I was so tired of the same ol', same ol' books that make empty promises that don't deliver and not learning anything from them. This book was such a refreshing change. The more I read, the more excited I got about it.

The second half of the book is implementing the plan. There is the prep week, then week one, week two etc. (she helps you do all this, step by step). I will go more in depth next week when I talk about my personal experience using the book.
One step in the Well Path is soup. Well I am already a soup person, love to eat it, love to make it! I have a lot of recipes of my own - but there are some really great ones in the back of this book too.

I am seriously going to recommend that EVERYONE get this book! If you want to lose weight, if you want to get healthier, if you want to learn more about your body, if you are a woman - period, you need to get this book!
Anything I say will not do it justice! Just believe me when I say - This book could change your life! or at least change your way of thinking!

 Thank you TLC book tours for sending me this amazing book for my honest review!

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  1. I just LOVE how much this book resonated with you and how much you've been inspired by it. I look forward to seeing the changes it makes in your life!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

  2. Looking forward to seeing how you get on. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  3. I'm so excited to follow your journey with this book! I find other people's health journeys to be very motivating for myself!


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