Night Guard by Author - Synne Lea, Illustrator - Stian Hole

5 Stars

Friendship, fear, loneliness — these are things that are universally experienced but difficult to describe. In this arresting poetry collection, Synne Lea explores these concepts and more through the thoughts and experiences of a family. As the family members examine their connections with each other and the world around them, they gain a deeper appreciation of love and friendship and learn how to reach beyond the confines of their own isolation.Accompanied by breathtaking artwork, these enchanting poems will stay with readers long after they have turned the final page.

I could not find anything (in English) about this author, Synne Lea. If anyone has anything - let me know and I will add it!

Stian Hole (illustrator) - Stian Hole is a Norwegian author and illustrator whose Garmann books have garnered considerable acclaim in North America. His Garmann's Summer won a BolognaRagazzi Award, a Batchelder Award Honor, and an Ezra Jack Keats New Writer Award, and it made the IBBY Honour List for 2010.

This is a beautifully written and beautifully illustrated book!I love poetry books anyway. So I was very excited to get this one! I do think that you have to love poetry or at least appreciate it to like this book, or any poetry book for that matter. Poetry is sometimes hard to "get", but I get it! And I "got" this book and loved it.
It seems like the more I read this, the more I like it. I get more and more out of it each time.
I love this one -
All you need is a friend now
and you're big enough

to walk home alone
in the evening, Dad says.
Then you'll learn

how to rip up the dark
with your hands and throw it at anyone
you think is following you.

And -
Today our dog doesn't have a name.
No one can call him in.

He stands at the door, waiting
for someone to

throw the summer for him, so he can
run off and fetch
me the sun.

And here are two of my favorite pictures -

I received this book from "Librarything Early Reviewers" for my honest review!

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