The Well Path - Week 3 (with a recipe!)

The theme for week 3 is Faith!
"Have faith that every CHANGE you are making is bringing you closer to the mountaintop."

Week 3 goal - increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat.
This is definitely my goal! I have now lost 26 lbs. I still have a few to go, but I am working hard on firming up, getting lean, and building muscle.

C.H.A.N.G.E. Strategies for week three -

Circulation "By drinking your lemon water every day for the last two weeks, you've increased circulation in your GI tract and helped to detox your liver."
And I have also started doing the Pranayama breathing.

Activity - Remember "activity" is non exercise movement. I increased my activity 15 min every evening.
Here are some ideas for non-exercise activities -
Balance - stand on one foot while placing the other on your calf, then switch.
Dance - Play some music while cooking and dance right there in the kitchen while you are waiting for the water to boil. Or play a music video and dance to it.
Pace - I do this all the time!!!!! My hubby makes fun of me but I don't care. I pace while I am on the phone, I pace when I am waiting for him to get his shoes on, I pace while memorizing my Bible verse for the week, I pace while waiting for something in the microwave. Think of all the calories I am burning!
Park farther away than normal - This is a great one and one that me and my hubby are trying to do! I have a friend, Jen, who parks in the furthest spot in the lot! But seriously it is a smart thing to do.
Stretch - I have started doing about 10 min. of stretching every evening, and 5-10 min. stretching before and after running.

Nutrition - Well I was sick for two days this week so I did not make a new soup :-(
But I did make up a new healthy, vegetarian recipe and I added it at the end of this post.

General Health - Small stressors - Stress can make you eat - especially snacking.
Identify three small stressors in your daily life (not the big ones, just little things).
1. Getting my Bible study done. I belong to 2 Bible studies and both have a lot of "homework" sometimes it is stressful trying to fit it all  in every week.
2. Cooking for the husband - I am a vegetarian, he is not. He is also a very picky eater, AND he is away for work off and on. At times I don't know when or if he will be home for dinner. It is very hard and stressful to plan.
3. Time - I have two PT jobs, two Bible studies, reading and doing book reviews, walking/running 3X a week, not to mention (cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and now the garden) trying to fit it all in is a big deal.

Exercise -
I am continuing my exercise class, walking/running 3X a week, stretching almost every night, using the exercise bike on days I don't walk or run.

Roasted brussel sprouts and noodles  

Ingredients - 
1 -2 T - olive oil (depending on how much brussel sprouts you are making)
1 T - teriyaki sauce
A dribble - chili oil (This is HOTTTTT, but so good! Its one of my favorite new things to cook with!)

Fresh brussel sprouts, as many as you want to do. I do about 6 - 8 just for me. And you can find these in just about any groc store.

Ramen noodles!!! I kid you not! Those little gems are good for way more than soup! I buy which ever ones are on sale (and they are cheap!) Just use the noodles and throw away the flavor pack!

Set your oven to 425.
Put your oils and sauce in a large bowl and kind of mix them up with a fork.

Slice up your brussel sprouts.
Put the chopped B.S. (lol) in the bowl with sauces and toss till coated.

Then spread them on a foil covered baking sheet (I use the non-stick foil). And bake for at least 8 min. they should be well browned. You are going to cook the noodles while they are roasting.
While they are roasting - start your water for the noodles, follow the directions on the packet for boiling the noodles- except do NOT add the flavor packet, and drain the noodles when done!

Put cooked noodles on a plate and cover with roasted brussel sprouts! So yummy!!!! And so good for you!


  1. Stressers that make me eat...all of them. Lol. Well mostly boredom or loneliness....or a bad day at work.

    I do sometimes dance around like a fool when I cook or clean...but only when I'm alone. Kirby might be judging me but he doesn't say so so we're good.

    Aaand you know that I do the parking lot thing lol.

    1. Yes, boredom is a big one for me too!

      Yay for parking lot things!!!! :-)

    2. I'm gonna put a little camera on Kirb. so he can record you and send it to me! Hehehehe

    3. I think you're expecting a little much from him...sending video to you. Lol

    4. Hahahaha

      Hey Kirby and I are buds, I've taught him some things even you don't know about ;-)

    5. Things I probably don't want to know about.

  2. Huh...Ramen, eh? Looks yummy!

    And yes, stress can make you eat! What is really hard is trying to decrease or eliminate the stress. What has worked for me has been the way I view things. For example, I have two jobs Monday through Friday, I commute for my second job, which means I am stuck in traffic a lot, I have dance about 3 to 6 hours a week, I have also started ballroom dancing (an extra hour in a half), and I am a full time student trying to get my teaching credential. The first semester being back in school last fall was really tough trying to balance everything in my life. I found myself stress eating a lot, being very depressed, and having mood swings. My mind set was not at the right spot, so I decided to change it for this spring semester, by thinking more positive. I began to read more and post (on Facebook or Instagram) inspirational quotes and have told myself to believe in them. I have also told myself to breathe more. This little change has helped me control my stress eating more and not have the drastic mood swings and depression. Of course the stress is not completely gone, but at least I am not where I was a few months ago.

    So, Wendy, I send you good vibes and lots of luck!

    1. Yes, you have a lot on your plate right now!

      I find that I eat more from boredom than stress.
      And that is great that you realized that you were having mood swings and are doing something about it!


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