The Well Path - Week 4

The theme for week four is appreciation. Appreciate every improvement you make as you go along and give it its due.

 I have lost one more lb! I am now down to 143.5.

Strategies for week 4 -

Circulation - 
Add leg inversions. These are actually fun!
At the end of the day before bed, lie on your back and scoot your butt up against the wall untill they meet and put your legs up the wall. You should look like an "L" shape.
Take three deep breaths in and three deep breaths out. Count 3 - 6 sec. in and 3 - 6 out.

Activity - 
Add three short bursts (5 min. each) of activity each day.
If you have a tracker (I have a fitbit) add 10% to your daily step goal.
I did this - I was set at 10,000 steps. I set it for 11,000. But usually I am up over 12,000 anyway.

Nutrition -
Make a list of your "calorie busters", those foods that take up a lot of your calorie intake for the day.
Mine are - 
Cream cheese
Sugar in my coffee

Now cut them in half!
So instead of using 1 T of PB, use 1/2 T
When I go to Panera Bread, I now only use half the package of cream cheese! This alone is huge for me! 
Same thing for cheese that I put in foods or on foods - I now use half.
And I am hardly putting any sugar in my coffee anymore!

AND - I made and froze in 2c. portions a new soup this week!

General Health -
Remember the small stressors we listed last week?
When youi feel that stressor coming on - choose a mantra and say it out loud.
"There is no real consequence to _____"  or  "It doesn't really matter if _____"

Exercise -
Add a few balance exercises to your routine. I so need this! Where did my balance go? When I was younger I could stand on one foot holding on to my other foot while having a 20 min. convo. on the phone! Now I am lucky if I can stand on one foot for one min.!

Let me know how and what you are doing this week!


  1. I just saw your post! I love this and congrats! I love doing the "L" shaped exercise and its actually very good for my back and great for breathing and even a little meditating.


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