Busy, Busy! - Eileen Spinelli & Elina Ellis

5 Stars!

Busy, Busy!  is aimed at children aged 2 to 5 and features illustrations by Elina Ellis depicting busy animals that are all occupied with their various daily tasks. Lighthearted lyrics from author Eileen Spinelli, like those below, tell the story:

Frog is very busy leaping.
Beaver has no time to play.
Mama bird is busy teaching
little bird to fly away.

As many parents will be able to relate, the mom in Busy, Busy! is hard at work too, tending to her garden. The conclusion to the story, however, shows that she’s never too busy for a hug, gently reassuring children with the message that even during a busy day, their parents will always have time to share their love.

Eileen Spinelli is is the author of numerous children’s books, including Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, God’s Amazing World, and Two to Cuddle. Eileen lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Elina Ellis loves drawing pictures and imagining stories. For her, there is no greater reward than knowing that her creations make people smile. Elina works in both digital and traditional media creating her own books and illustrating for others. She lives and works in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Absolutely loved this book. It has all the elements that I love for a children's book.
~ Fun, catchy text.
~ Repetitive theme - busy!
~ Not too wordy on each page.
~ Easy for young minds to understand.
~ Brightly colored eye catching pictures.
~ Very sturdy board-book.

I read this to an 18 mo. old that I nanny for and she loved it! We read it 3 times in a row! She liked pointing to the different animals on each page for me to name. The second time I said the animal and she found them and pointed to them. By the third time she was pointing and naming half of them herself. She also loved saying busy over and over again. And she loved the Mama at the end. One of her favorite words is "hug" so we used that when looking at the mommy & child page "they're hugging!"

Great children's book that is fun, catchy, sweet, colorful, and very easy to read and understand.

Thank you so much "Worthy Publishing Group" for sending me this beautiful book for my honest review!

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