Night Watch - Linda Hall

4.5 Stars

Desolate Maine shores... Murder... And peace slipping away on the outgoing tide... For yacht delivery captain Em Ridge, having the Coast Guard in her face after a billionaire's daughter goes missing is not the best way to start the boat delivery of a lifetime. Will Em's career go overboard? Will the investigating detective help her or hurt her? Any why does the best boat delivery captain on the east coast pull at her heart strings? The oft foggy coast of Maine holds secrets it does not want to give up. And a lot of bodies can be hidden in The Pine Tree State's largest city. 

Linda Hall spent the early years of her writing career as a journalist and freelance writer. She also worked in the field of adult literacy and wrote curriculum materials for adults reading at basic reading levels. In 1990 Linda decided to do something she'd always dreamed of doing, she began working on her first novel. The book she wrote, The Josiah Files was published in 1992. Since that time she's written eighteen more mystery and suspense novels. Most of her novels have something to do with the sea. Linda grew up in New Jersey where her love of the ocean was born. When she was a little girl Linda remembers sitting on the shore and watching the waves and contemplating what was beyond. She could do that for hours. Linda has roots in two countries. In 1971, she married a Canadian who loves the water just as much as she does. They moved to Canada and have lived there ever since. One of the things they enjoy is sailing. In the summer they basically move aboard their 34' sailboat aptly named - Mystery. Both Linda's husband Rik and Linda have achieved the rank of Senior Navigator, the highest rank possible in CPS. The U.S. sister organization is the U.S.P.S. Linda's Senior Navigator diploma hangs proudly on her office wall. What this all means is that she knows how to use a sextant and can 'theoretically' find her way home by looking at the stars. Rik and Linda have two grown children and seven wonderful grandchildren. 

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Great mystery! Got my attention right away and kept it. This was one of those books that had a spiderwebby plot that went in different directions and had you guessing all the way through. I kept trying to figure it out and kept getting little clues only to find out that I was wrong again. There was one character though, I won't ruin it for you, but I knew they had something to do with it - I knew they were bad and I was right! Although I never did have the whole thing figured out.

I am not a boat person, but I do love the beach, I love Maine, I love islands and so I loved all the settings in this book. Linda did a wonderful job taking us there and making us feel right at home on the island and on the boats.

Excellent character development. It took me the whole book to really fall in love with Em. In the beginning, I liked her and then towards the middle I wasn't really sure I liked her that much but then the last half I loved her! LOL And to be honest - I really liked the fact that she wasn't a pushover and didn't win my heart right away. She held her self back a little and was more complex so it was a growing relationship and those kinds of relationships are the ones that last. I'm glad it took me a while to love her.

I have to talk about how I came into this book and "The Bitter End" (which I will be reviewing Thurs. 5/26). I am a fan of Linda's from Waaaaay back, yes, that far back! LOL
I think the first book I read of hers was in the late 1990's and early 2000's, I have read about 8 books by her now, including these latest two! and have loved all of them!
Sooo... one day about a month ago I was checking my email and received an email from a Linda Hall asking me to review her latest book - The Bitter End. I did a double take. "Linda Hall? Linda Hall? Why do I know that name?... Wait a minute!!!" 
I emailed her back, that is what I said -
"Wait a minute!!! I know you! Well not personally… But I have read a few of your books before. You wrote Island of Refuge correct? It was about a church that they were using as a shelter or something like that? That is one of my all-time favorite books.
Sooo of course I will read this one! But I can't do it till May, I will squeeze it in sooner if I am able.
I Will read and review any books you want, I love your books."
Amazing! Right? That one of my favorite Authors of one of my favorite books emails me out of the blue! Crazy!
So come back on Thurs. May 26 for my review of The Bitter End! Also, Linda is giving my one copy of The Bitter End to give away - so you will want to come sign up for that!

And while you are at it, you can read any of her books - you won't be disappointed!

PS & BTW - I love the covers on these books! I will have to find out from Linda the back story on the covers for you.

Thank you so much Linda for sending me an e-copy of your book for my honest review! It was great connecting with you!

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