The Well Path - Week 5

The theme for week five is confidence. You deserve that spring in your step and the feeling of invincibility. You are truly a Super Woman.

 My weight stayed the same this week! I am now 143.5.

Strategies for week 5 -

Circulation - 
I am choosing not to add anything new for this week, but keeping up with the hot lemon water, breathing exercises, and leg inverts.

Hunger - I have not been adding anything to this because I have been OK so far with controlling hunger. But I really liked this weeks suggestion.
The time I have the most trouble with binge eating is boredom.
The book suggests "Eating-Incompatible Activities" I do this sometimes!!
Choose activities that are not compatible with eating to take your mind off the eating.
Some such activities could be - showering, washing dishes, folding laundry, go for a walk, light exercise or stretching.

Choose three Eating-Incompatible Activities  -
1. Knitting
2. Working at the computer (blogging etc.)
3. Picking up or cleaning around the house (kills two birds with one stone - not eating and clean house - win/win!)
Activity - Add another 10% to your daily steps - so I set mine to 1210 steps a day.

That's it for me. I did not add or change too much this week.
I am just keeping up with everything else I am doing.

Let me know how and what you are doing this week!

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  1. Way to go girle!
    Though you're making me feel like a slacker!