94 Feet (from Fish Flix - Christian Movies) - Movie Review!!!

4 Stars!

94 Feet is about an American community in distress. The town is full of hard workers that have suffered through multiple layoffs at an industry that is at the heart of the town – a coal mine. The town is dying and the populace faces another shock as another round of layoffs are announced. It seems like there is no hope when tragedy strikes at the mine. A seam gives way and many of the towns husbands and fathers become trapped. The community has to pull together as they await the news of their loved ones as the men inside the mine have to face their own mortality. Two families separated by ninety-four feet of rock and all hoping for a miracle.

My husband and I watched this movie together on a Saturday night with popcorn, "Date night" LOL.
This was a very emotionally charged and heartfelt movie! I was in tears by the end.

I would have to say this movie is more about faith and the people than the actual mine collapse, which was fine with me because I like those kinds of movies, it was just a feel-good, human interest movie. It felt low budget to me - not a lot of bells and whistles - but again, that was fine with me! The message strongly made up for it. I think this would be a great movie to show at a woman's Bible study for discussion after.

It was, however a little lacking in action for my husband. We did talk about it afterwards (which was good) it is a great conversation movie! He said it seemed a little slow for him - he wanted more about the mine and technical stuff about the cave in and more action (you know... he's a guy!). He did say, for the type of movie it was - it was good!

Not all the acting was great but there were a few that were very good - Marco, Chris and Chris' wife Denise. I loved Denise - she was my favorite. I thought the part was played to perfection. I loved how she kept God in the center of her life even in times of trouble, she was close to her mom and seemed like a great and supportive wife.

I was asked to review a movie for Fish Flix. I had never heard of them before so of course I had to check them out first. What a great site! This is a site for buying Christian DVDs. There are lots of movies (for adults and children) and even TV show series and all for great prices! They even have work-out DVDs!!! I am definitely checking those out.

I was given my choice of movies from a list and I chose 94 Feet because it was one I had wanted to watch anyway. But there are so many good ones on here that you can purchase. I am going to think about this site for buying movies for Christmas, especially for my in-laws and my daughter & son-in-law!

Here are a few examples (but you should go and check it out for yourself) -
Risen - which is another one I want to see!
The Shunning - watched and loved!
When Calls the Heart - TV series (I watched the first two seasons - its great!)
Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors - another one I want to see
The Passion of the Christ
Jesus of Nazereth
Joan of Arc - another one on my list
A.D. - definitely want to see (our church is studying Acts and using parts of this movie during the church service - very powerful!)
~ And that is just to name a small few!!! There are so many good ones and like I said - all great prices!

You can also get a $5.00 gift card just for joining their email list! Totally worth it! I did it and received my $5. GC imediately!
Here is the link to sign up - HERE

Here's the movie trailer from youtube -

Thank you Fish Flix for sending me this wonderful movie for my honest review!

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