Leaving Amy - Julieann Dove

4.5 Stars!

Amy thought she had it figured out—followed her heart and moved forward…but life isn’t always so simple. Things tend to drag you back to familiarity, or in Amy’s case—people. Wesley returns from his stint of love and betrayal, and has a favor to ask of her. When Amy agrees to help, all that was moving forward in her life comes to a halt. As Amy tries to fix the loved ones around her, she begins to lose all that she’s gained. And when the smoke clears, she’s more confused about what’s meant to be and who it’s meant to be with.

Julieann lives in Virginia, yet longs to live everywhere else. It doesn't come as a surprise that along with her gypsy soul, comes an active imagination. That's why she loves to write and invent worlds and people, so that she can formulate their happily ever after. Hobbies include cooking new recipes, sewing, and spending time with her cute boyfriend/husband and five fabulous children. Vacations happen in Nantucket or the Carolina beaches--anywhere there is inspiration for her next book. One day she hopes to travel to Italy, drive one of those little cars around the countryside, and speak the language fluently! Please sign up for her newsletter to find out about new releases! http://julieanndove.com/  

Nooooooo! No, no, no, no it can't end thins way! Next book please - Hurry!
I am so addicted to Amy! Of course the book did not end the way I wanted it to. It wasn't a bad ending, just not the way I would have liked. But definitely a cliff hanger.

So I guess you can sorta tell by the comments that I loved the book! I liked the first one only slightly better because Amy was more snarky in that one. But I still loved Amy in this one. The first one felt more Chick-lit-ish to me and this one was more heartfelt and definitely sadder - I teared up in quite a few spots. And then yelled out loud at the end! ... But you know... I do love it when books have that effect on you? Don't you?

I am really looking forward to seeing what the author has in store for Amy next. I really want a happy ending for her. She deserves it.

This series would be a fun quick addition to your summer reading list! I highly recommend them!

Thank you "Caffeinated Book Reviewer" for sending me this book for my honest review!

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  1. Lovely review and yes I want the final book too!

  2. This review makes me so happy! I'm so glad you enjoyed the read. Please stay tuned for the next installment. I can't wait to get your reaction to what happens next. :)

    1. Oh you bet I'll stay tuned!

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I am honored.

  3. Hi there, looks like a good one! It would be great if you added your review to the Books You Loved: July collection over at Carole's Chatter. Cheers