Escape To Redemption - Peter M. Parr (GIVEAWAY!)

4 Stars!

Josie only had the gun to frighten Curtis Rook, but his son disturbed her. One startled reflex and now he's dead. Josie flees to Poland leaving her boyfriend Snaz to take the rap. A reformed criminal offers her refuge from the police and the chance to begin a new life, but she cannot hide from her guilt. As the stakes rise, Josie begins to realize that only her own forgiveness can set her free. Fast-paced and original, Peter M. Parr's contemporary take on Crime and Punishment challenges traditional ideas about guilt and redemption, and the meaning of forgiveness.

Peter M. Parr works part-time as a civil servant, which gives him time to indulge his passion for writing. He lives in Hastings, East Sussex, overlooking the sea. He is a Quaker and student of 'A Course in Miracles'.
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Is it possible to read a murder suspense story and be rooting for the murderers? Well you do in this book. 

This story is told through the eyes of the two unlikely murderers.
One, Josie, "the mastermind" a young woman whom I did not like in the beginning but grew to like her more and more as the story unfolded. I love strong female characters and Josie is that. She is smart, makes her own decisions (good or bad) and owns up to them actually weighing out the consequences. At first I thought she was a using, conniving B****, but you do find out that she has a heart and a conscience. I also liked that she was afraid at times and was unsure what to do - she was human. I think if I had done what she did I would have reacted in much the same way.
The second is Snaz who I grew to dislike more and more as the story went on. He is a very simple man who would do anything for anyone - which gets him into trouble. I didn't like his personality. I don't like people who just blindly do whatever you tell them. (Well I should rephrase that - I don't like that trait in characters, if I met him in person I might like him, he was a very sweet guy!) To me, he was not just simple but a bumbling idiot. He made decisions without thinking just because he was mad or to get back at someone and then sometimes regretted them after.

There were a few minor characters in here that I just was not sure about. I didn't know if they should be trusted and what there intentions were. I liked this actually, it was another added layer to the story. The only thing I didn't really like were the flash backs without warning, it was a bit confusing. Other than that everything was very well done! And - good ending.

This is a fast reading, very suspenseful story with quite a few twists that keep you guessing. Definitely a page turner and well worth the read!

They had a job to find the cafe, off the main road between a halal take-away and a laundrette. A woman in her forties stood up, gaping at Josie. Mutton dressed as lamb was the first thought that came to Snaz’s mind.
    ‘Are you Erin?’ Josie asked.
    The woman kept on staring. ‘You’re such a likeness.’
    ‘Are you going to tell me who you are?’
    ‘Won’t you sit down?’ asked Erin. ‘I have to sit – my legs have gone all like blancmange. I can’t get over it, to finally see you. I’ve been working out what I’d say. And now you’re here I don’t know how to start.’
    The waitress came over.
    ‘Have something to drink, Josie. My treat. What can I get you?’ Erin asked.
    ‘We don’t do espresso,’ said the waitress. ‘I can do you black coffee or white.’
    ‘Black,’ said Josie. ‘Actually, whatever. I’m not staying.’
    For a moment, Erin glanced at Snaz. Prior to that, she hadn’t acknowledged his existence. ‘Can I get you something too?’
    ‘I’m alright, thanks.’ He sat back from the table and wondered where to suggest to Josie they go next. The cinema? Hardly original, and he wanted to look at her and not a film. For a meal? He doubted she’d be impressed by any place he knew or could afford. Camden Market? What could interest her there? Maybe if they simply went for a walk in Finsbury Park he could see if she’d let him put his arm around her. Start slow and romantic.
    ‘I bought you a birthday present. I’m sorry it’s two weeks late.’ Erin fumbled in her tiger-skin patterned handbag, pulled out a Spice Girls CD, and left it on the table when Josie didn’t take it. Snaz stopped himself laughing. ‘You don’t like it.’ Erin’s rasping voice faltered. ‘I’m not sure what kind of music you’re into.’
    ‘How did you know it was my birthday?’ Josie asked her. ‘Who are you anyway? Why did you write to me? And why are you giving me a birthday present when I’ve never met you before?’
    ‘Josie, you don’t remember me, but we have met. Your mum and me were best mates.’
    Josie stared at her gaudy make-up, at her suit a size too small. ‘Mum and you?’
    The woman reached into her furry bag again and took out a see-through plastic wallet with a newspaper cutting folded inside it. Snaz wondered at her claw-like pink nails as she pointed to a picture on the yellowed page.
    Josie shrugged, but not before Snaz saw her flinch. ‘So you’ve got a picture of some woman who looks a bit like me,’ she said. ‘So what?’
    Snaz leaned forward to see. At first he thought it was Josie’s picture: the pout, the raised cheekbones, most of all her eyes. He found it creepy. ‘More than a bit,’ he said.
    Josie cast him a look.
    ‘Read what it says,’ Erin begged her. ‘Read the article, please.’
    Snaz watched Josie scan the cutting. Her lips parted. Then she put the paper down. ‘Why are you showing me this?’ she asked Erin. ‘What’s it got to do with me?’
    ‘Lucy was your mum, Josie. Your real mum.’
    Josie looked at the photograph. Then at Erin. Then at the photo again.
    ‘You don’t remember, do you? You were barely three when she died.’
    ‘You’re lying.’
    Snaz picked up the cutting. Girl, 3, hides as mum is stabbed… PM speaks of shock… Police were called to the prostitute’s Finchley flat by a neighbour who heard shouts… …arrived to find the victim dead… …multiple stab wounds to her body and…
    Josie snatched the article, tried to rip it up, but the plastic wouldn’t tear. ‘I’ve got a mum. She may not be much but at least she isn’t a whore.’ She spat the last word and stood up. ‘We’re going. I don’t have to listen to these lies. Are you coming?’ Then, a split second later: ‘Fine, don’t,’ she said before Snaz could reply.
    The slamming door rattled Erin’s empty cup and saucer on the table.
    Snaz studied the photo. It could have been Josie’s eyes staring back at him, and he knew Erin wasn’t lying. Murdered: Lucy Snowball, 23.
    Erin’s eye make-up had started to run. She struggled to pluck a paper napkin from the rack on the table and ended up pulling out three. ‘Are you Josie’s boyfriend?’
    The question caught Snaz off guard. ‘Sort of.’
    ‘Go after her... Wait.’ Erin touched his hand. ‘I didn’t mean to upset her. But don’t you think she has a right to know?’
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  1. oohhh, I've never come across a book that's only told in the POV of the murderer. it sounds interesting.

  2. So glad you enjoyed 'Escape To Redemption'! Thanks for taking part in the tour!

  3. I've never read a book that would make me side with the murderer. This is going to be a great book to read.

  4. This book sounds intriguing and Parr is a new author to me.


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