Happy Birthday to You! - Michelle Medlock Adams, Illustrated by Sandra Rodriguez

4 Stars!

A fun-filled musical book that celebrates the joy of a child's birthday This musical board book includes all the ingredients that make a birthday special for a child: balloons and presents, cake and candles, and, of course, the birthday song! Follow along throughout a day of celebration, concluding with a good-night prayer, then push the button to hear the melody of Happy Birthday. The book features a photo pocket on the last page to allow for personalization.

Michelle Medlock Adams is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author, earning top honors from the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Hoosier State Press Association. Author of over 70 books and a regular blogger for Guideposts, Michelle has written more than 1,000 articles for newspapers and magazines since graduating with a journalism degree from Indiana University.

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Sandra Rodriguez grew up in Mexico in a house with a big garden. From doodling her way through math class to playing with her dogs, her creative spirit was evident. Rodriguez’s illustrations are inspired by simple, everyday life: children playing in the park, people walking their dogs, families interacting after school. Rodriguez favors watercolor because it allows her to transmit the movement and emotion of life into her illustrations.

This is a cute gift idea for a child having a birthday!
I like that's its not just square, that it has a shape to it (I know that's a weird thing to like, but...). I love the little push button happy birthday music - every child will love this! It's not like really loud so you won't have to disconnect it as soon as they get it, LOL! There are really cute bright colorful pictures. It has a cute easy to understand rhyming birthday story.
"Wake up! Wake up!
Your birthday's here!
The very best day of the year!"

This is a nice sturdy board book at a good size for your children. I also love that it has a pocket in the back to put a photo! Super cute! And there is a nice message at the end -
"And when your birthday's
almost through,
I'll say a prayer
of thanks for you."
Thank you Worthy Publishing Group for sending me this book for my honest review!

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  1. So you reviewed this accidentally on my birthday? Such a sweetie ;)

    1. HA!!!! That's funny!
      Well happy birthday to YOU!!!


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