Kendra's Diaries (Growing Pains Series - Book 1) - KP Smith

4 Stars

Doesn’t growing up remind you of a roller coaster?  You are going up, up and up and as soon as you make it to the top yeah life will try and drop you back down. Even when you steady yourself make sure you hold on tight; don’t forget about those gigantic loops!

Growing up can get some kinda crazy huh? No worries you are not alone. Meet Kendra Foster she OVERstands. She experiences all the highs, lows, ups, downs and everything in between.

Her family seems to be in a permanent state of disarray. There is only one high school she wants to attend but it’s going to take a miracle for her to go. She’s finally become a cheerleader, the best thing to happen to her in forever, but it wreaks havoc in a totally unexpected way. She’s only got one year to capture Jamie’s attention but with the new girl everyone’s going crazy over she doesn’t stand much of a chance does she? 

When I’m not in author/coach mode, I love reading and watching sports football, basketball, tennis, golf yeah basically all of them.
I’m also a big TV watcher (maybe too big? Nah no such thing). I love my soaps; soaper for life love my night time dramas. These are enjoyable and a perk is it also helps with my creative thinking/writing process. The only thing better than watching my favorite shows is watching it with millions of others via twitter!! I’m a major tweeter!
I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Xavier University Louisiana and a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago.
I have a wonderful family life including two wonderful sons. I live in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) home of Mardi Gras, Jazz, great food and Southern Hospitality.

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Super cute book! Ahh to be young again. Remember the days when your biggest worries were making it into cheerleading, your parents separating, where you would go to high school, and if that really hot boy actually liked you. To a young teenage girl everything is drama drama drama. It seems like the more the better. In this very real feeling coming of age story we meet Kendra. She is a sweet girl, smart, funny, strong, and a good role model for young girls. She is faced with a few "growing pains" that we get to experience along with her. I do love how this book keeps it simple. I love how KP Smith makes an average family with normal problems seem interesting! It shows that you don't need a lot of sex, swearing, drugs, rape or murder to keep it going - thank you KP Smith!

Great character development - I loved Kendra. The seemed just like the girl nextdoor to me. Well... actually she seemed a lot like my daughter growing up (she's 27 now). My own daughter was a lot like Kendra and except for the parents splitting up (my hubby and are are still happily together) she was faced with most of those same problems, isn't every teenager? Kendra's story is very relate-able.

This is a great YA or pre-teen read but also has appeal for adults (I enjoyed it very much). Its clean, but has its drama, is very real to life and interesting enough for the young and young at heart.

I will be reviewing the next in the series - "New Beginnings" (about Kendra going to high school) on Aug. 15th. I am really looking forward to reading this book as well.

Thank you KP Smith for sending me a copy of you book for my honest review!

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