Ora's Gold - Charlotte Young

5 Stars!

A gripping coming-of-age adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Australia is ruled by the SIF.  The Special Investigation Force controls everything. Water, food, fuel … women’s bodies.

18-year-old Ora has never questioned their authority; everyone knows it’s all for the ‘safety of the nation’. But Ora’s decision to move in with her aunt is a bad one. She’s just landed herself in the middle of nowhere with a deluded activist who wants to change the world, one illegal birth at a time. Sooner or later someone is going to die and Ora doesn’t know where to turn.

The beach is her only sanctuary and it’s here that she meets Jake, thoughtful and experienced, who encourages her to live a little. So why is it that as soon as she starts to have some fun, everything goes dangerously wrong?

 Writing and storytelling are a big part of my life. Whether it’s telling the stories myself, or collecting them from others, words have power and I love using them.

I’ve written and edited for numerous parenting publications and was the co-publisher of Barefoot Magazine for three years. I’m the author of a book for breastfeeding mothers and my debut novel for young adults, “Ora’s Gold” will be out in August 2016.

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This book was not what I expected. Even after reading the blurb it was not what I expected. It was actually so much better! "Soft dystopian, coming of age, romance" - yep, that about sums it up. When I first stared the book I liked it but I wasn't sure I was going to love it. Well it just kept getting better and better. And soon I was not able to put it down.

I love that book stands up for the rights of women and what happens to their bodies! I am a devoted Christian but I am also pro-choice. I believe it is not for me to decide or judge. And I loved that about this book! Can you imagine a government telling you what you can do with your own body? Oh wait! It already does :-/  or tries to. And in some countries it is even worse.

Excellent character development. I started out not really feeling Ora but very quickly fell in love with her. And - I loved Jake. When he was first introduced I had no idea he would turn out a main part of the story. 

Even though this book was Dystopian it felt very real, like maybe someday this could really happen. This book is a real combination of sad and dark but also heartwarming, happy and hopeful.

‘Do you know what happens in those centres? They’re like prisons. Women are sedated as soon as they step inside. You have no idea. The centres are overcrowded—twenty women to a dorm—and there’s nothing to do for the entire pregnancy! No wonder they come out half deranged. The births are all scheduled and the babies are whisked off to incubators as soon as they’re delivered. The mothers don’t even get to hold their newborns. What chance have they got of bonding? We’re creating a zombie nation, all in the name of safety!’

‘Do you realise we’ve buggered everything up? We’ve never been sicker, as a race.’ Her words are grating on my nerves. ‘The reason there are so many autoimmune diseases, where the body’s own cells turn against themselves, is because we’ve buggered up our ecosystems—with antibiotics, with chemicals, with electromagnetics. Just like we’ve buggered up the earth’s ecosystems.’
Great coming of age story, edge-of -your-seat writing, heartwarming, sweet, sad - everything really! Highly recommended for adults and older teens (a few sex scenes - mildly graphic, and adult/older teen situations).

PS&BTW - Gorgeous cover!!!!

Thank you " Kate Tilton's Author Services" for sending me this fabulous book for my honest review!

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