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About The Boy is Back -
In this brand-new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot, a scandal brings a young man back home to the small town, crazy family, and first love he left behind.

Reed Stewart thought he’d left all his small town troubles—including a broken heart—behind when he ditched tiny Bloomville, Indiana, ten years ago to become rich and famous on the professional golf circuit.  Then one tiny post on the Internet causes all of those troubles to return . . . with a vengeance.

Becky Flowers has worked hard to build her successful senior relocation business, but she’s worked even harder to forget Reed Stewart ever existed. She has absolutely no intention of seeing him when he returns—until his family hires her to save his parents.

Now Reed and Becky can’t avoid one another—or the memories of that one fateful night.  And soon everything they thought they knew about themselves (and each other) has been turned upside down, and they—and the entire town of Bloomville—might never be the same, all because The Boy Is Back.

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Photo by Ali SmithAbout Meg Cabot -
Meg Cabot was born in Bloomington, Indiana. In addition to her award-winning adult contemporary fiction, she is the author of bestselling young adult fiction, including The Princess Diaries and the Mediator series. More than twenty-five million copies of her novels for children and adults have sold worldwide. Meg lives in Key West, Florida, with her husband.

Find out more about Meg at her website, follow her blog, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh my gosh, I am such a fan girl for Meg Cabot! But besides that... This might quite possibly be my favorite chick-lit to date! Definitely my favorite Meg Cabot, and I have read many! This book got very mixed reviews. It is written using texts, emails, letters, messages, newspaper articles etc. That's it! Some people didn't like this. I LOVED it! It made it so much fun to read. It kind of reminded me of Sophie Kinsella's book - I've Got Your Number, which I also loved! That wasn't all texts and emails but there were a lot of them. I said this about that book - "This is possibly the best Chick-Lit book I have ever read." HA!!! Well move over Sophie! Meg Cabot is up for the competition!

This was so freaking hilarious! I was laughing so hard I kept having to put the books down because I couldn't see the pages. I have to admit, this is the kind of book that you either can relate to or not. I just "got it". It was my type of book. This is my life - my life is full of texting, facetime, emails, snapchat etc. The only time I really talk on the phone is with my husband because he refuses to text! UGH!  That is my relationship between me and my daughter and all my friends (that's kind of a prerequisite, do you text? yes? OK we can be friends!) and believe it or not that is also how I communicate with both my parents! Thank God they are "up-to-date" with that.

So the fact that this book is made totally of that kind of communication (along with all the hilarious auto corrects!) made this the perfect book for me! It was so much fun to read! PS&BTW - I loved Marshall! He was my favorite - I laughed so hard reading his attempt at texting! I loved him!

You might be wondering - wasn't it hard to get the gist of the story using only texts etc. NO! not at all! You could follow the story very easily. I also had no problem getting into the personalities of the characters. I really felt like I knew them!  When you are texting - the real you comes out LOL. So you actually get to know all the characters very well.

If you are looking for a fun and quirky way to spend a couple of days - this is it! Get this book!
I have not read the other books in this series - Now I really want to go get them and read them! Going on my wish list. Now.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving this book from Harper Collins & TLC book tours. Thank you!

I get to giveaway a copy!!!
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  1. Chick lit and this author are appealing. Thanks.

  2. This seems like it would appeal to anyone who's ever tried to figure out what's going on in someone else's life by poking around on their Facebook page, which I totally have. There's something so satisfying about reading other people's stuff. Add to that Cabot's great writing?! Heck yes! Sign me up.

    Thanks for being on the tour!

    1. Ha! Please don't tell me you're a facebook stalker!!

      And - Yeah, Meg Cabot is da bomb!

  3. I do love chick-lit. I haven't read her books yet. It's time I start, don't you think?

    1. Oh my goodness! If you even like chick-lit a little you have GOT to try Meg Cabot!

  4. I read the Princess Diaries when I was a little younger, but I haven't picked up any of her books since then!

    1. Did you know there is a new-ish book to the Princess Diaries series?
      Its an adult book - Royal Wedding!
      Here's my review -

  5. Chick-lit fan but thought she only wrote for teens/young adults. Will have to give her a try!

  6. I've read all of her younger reader books and am a huge fan, but have not read her adult books. Since I love her writing I think I will enjoy this book very much.

  7. I've ordered it up from the library! Thanks. Cheers from carole's Chatter

  8. I've read all of Meg Cabot's books. Her writing is so easy to relate to!