Intomesee: In Pursuit of a Passionate Life - Maha Erwin

3 Stars at best

Introducing Aimée, a San Franciscan who plays by the rules – hooks up, no strings attached – until her bourgeois world collapses. Desperate, she must find a husband. A Mr. Half-Right will do, so long as he provides her financial security again. Matador, the pharmaceutical magnate who concocts the newly-launched female libido drug, Intomesee, exceeds all her expectations. His pharma-drugs give her passionate highs, but does she possess the je ne sais quoi to intoxicate him in the city, designer built for free love?

Maha is a proud American, Erwin is a flying Dutchman. We hooked-up during an overland safari across the heart of Africa. When the tour ended, we got hitched. Disillusioned with careers in finance and science, we sold our two homes and started to travel again. Five years later, we’re still possessed by an unrelenting wanderlust, lugging around our huuuuge suitcases wherever we go. Cape Town. Rome. San Francisco. Ubud.

We’re not ones for bummin’ it. We live large. Kinda. Our Airbnb homes overlook outrageously scenic landscapes. Weekdays, we swim along pebble beaches. Weeknights, we enjoy cultural events and festivities. Weekends, we climb active volcanoes. But, recall, we’re not lazy butts. We wake up early and sleep late, typing loooots of words per day. Writing fiction gives us purpose. This summer, to celebrate the release of our debut novel, “Intomesee: In Pursuit of a Passionate Life”, Erwin grew a Hemmingway beard. Maha hopes his scruffy look is just a phase, not an excuse to justify his shameless drinking habit. Erwin hopes Maha unscrews the rusted bolts in her head, or else his scifi thriller, “Humanity Rebooted,” will never be published by the end of next year.

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I had a real hard time with this book. I really really wanted to love it but just didn't. The whole first chapter was just sex, sex, and more sex. Which was a huge turn off for me. I know some people would like this though LOL. Then as I got more into the book I just began to dislike Aimee more and more. One review described her as a bed hopping whore LOL that's exactly how I felt!!!!

There were some funny, definitely quirky and amusing parts to this story and that's what kept me reading. So amidts the confusion, the dislike of characters and all the sex - it was kind of fun... at times  :-/
Just not really my kind of book. So not bad - just not my cup of tea.
If you are into a lot os sexual content and a wild ride - this is definitely the book for you!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from the authors. Thank you!
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