Love Me Like You Do - Sasha Clinton

4.5 Stars!


A single, overweight college professor.
A TV producer looking for a replacement actress.
A chance meeting that changes both their lives.

Dr. Bella Hopkins is looking for love. The forever kind. But instead, she gets a role in a new sitcom, when she runs into Hollywood-screenwriter-turned-producer Jamie Star at the supermarket.

Jamie wants his first show to succeed. He didn’t count on the lead actress injuring herself and pulling out last minute. When he meets Bella, who looks exactly like the actress he just lost, Jamie is convinced that the solution to his problem is simple—convince the college professor to act in his show.

But a misplaced sext, almost kiss, and crazy co-actress later, what started out as a simple solution turns into a problem of its own... 

Sasha Clinton discovered romance novels at the age of thirteen and has been addicted to the genre ever since. After getting a degree in Chemical Engineering and realizing that there was no way she could ever be an engineer, she decided to follow her passion and write romance novels. Sasha has lived in New Delhi, Melbourne, Manchester and Boston and continues to move frequently. But wherever she is, she's hard at work on her next book.

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OK first things first - I loved it! Second - this series is naughty - but... it is done is such a romantic, fun, captivating way that I don't seem to mind the naughtiness! LOL

Excellent character development. Just like in her other book I read (I am missing the first in the series) In My Arms Tonight - the author makes you fall in love with the characters. I really identified with Bella. I loved her personality, she felt very real to me.
"The one thing worse than being called fat was being called something like fluffy or cute or round. Fluffy and round were adjectives for a beach ball or a teddy bear, not a human being."
I did also really like Jamie - the love interest. Of course only we get to see the real Jamie, what's in his heart, unlike Bella. She only sees what he is showing her and what she chooses to believe. I really loved where this romance was going. The part where he writes the movie script just for her to give her on her birthday was so romantic.
Jamie: Do you know what I like about you?
Bella: I don't want to know.
She was afraid he was going to say something cheesy and make her cringe.
Jamie: I'll tell you anyway.
1. Your body, 2. Your brain, 3. Your smile
Bella: My brain's not no.1?
Jamie: I'm a man. Your brain can never be no. 1.
This wasn't totally believable, that Jamie would fall for someone like Bella in real life. I mean, I am sure it has happened before, but unlikely and probably not often. On the other hand, like I always say in defense - It's fiction! It doesn't have to be real! It made for a great romantic story.

There was also a subplot with Grant, Jamie's father. I did not like Grant at all! Even when he tried to change for Eve (I liked her, kind of) I just never really liked him. So this part of the book did not thrill me as much.
"Ten p.m. was really late to be visiting a woman who wasn't his mother, sister, girlfriend, or hooker."
I have to admit - I'm really hooked! I liked both of these books I have read so far very much and I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from the author. Thank you! 

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  1. This sounds interesting, I added it to my TBR, great review!

    1. Great! You would probably like these books!