Zucchini's Zany Life - Marilla Mulwane

5 Stars!

This is the story of the house duck named Zucchini who steals hearts and provides the dearest bond anyone could experience. Ever thought about having a duck as a pet? I don't mean an outdoor duck in a pen or that wanders around your pond. I mean a duck that lives in the house with you, sleeps with you, eats with you, plays with you. If you never have considered it, you just might once you've read about Zucchini. If you have considered having a house duck, then this book will teach you everything you need to know to keep your duck happy and healthy. Learn useful information such as: -How to set up a duck cage -What to feed your duck -How to diaper your duck at all ages of life -How to bond with your duck -How to keep your duck healthy and illnesses to watch out for -How to clip wings -How to train your duck (It's possible!) and much more! All this information is interspersed with fun tales and pictures of Zucchini's zany life!

Marilla Mulwane is a small town girl that loves to write, game, and craft. She loves animals and has many pets.

Besides being author of Zucchini's Zany Life where she entertains with her fun stories about life with a house duck, she is also the author of the Ilmarinen series and fantasy novel Halos & Brimstone.

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This book was awesome! I love ducks. I have always loved ducks. No, I never intend on getting one and keeping it in the house. But I don't really think that matters with this book. That is the main point, but I think you can fully enjoy reading this book even if you don't keep a duck in the house.

I learned so much from reading this. It was just so interesting - and fun! And of course I loved the pictures at the end.

After just the first page I thought of my best friend A. She has a pet bunny that lives in her dining room. And no, I don't mean in a cage in the dining room, I mean the dining room is her cage. The bunny is litter trained and has full access to the house but feeds and sleeps in the dining room.

Parts of this book reminded me so much of raising a baby. I am a nanny and one of the four children I watch is a crawling 10 mo. old baby. Anything and everything goes in the mouth. Everytime I put her down I have to survey the room looking for chokables.

The duck diaper section is great. Of course this includes several patterns which the author invented herself. I am a sewer and I don't think I could have developed a better one!

All-in-all this was a very fun and interesting book with lots of duck facts that I didn't already know.
Its a quick read that will give you a smile.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from the author. Thank you!
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This reminded me of one of my favorite books - Sitting Duck by Bryce Fraser. It is a true story about a man who ends up raising ducks. I have actually read this book twice. I highly recommend it. Although it is no longer in print so, hard to find.

Here is the link for Amazon - HERE


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