5 ESSENTIAL DIMENSIONS: How to balance your life for health, success and content - A.A. Alebraheem (GIVEAWAY!)

3.5 Stars

This book unveils an amazing theory. Our lives have five dimensions that are essential for living a healthy, successful, and tranquil existence. These are our financial, social, internal, physical, and spiritual affairs. This book offers insight into helping us recognize the five life dimensions. It will teach us how to bring these dimensions into balance. We cannot reach our potential as individuals unless all five of these life dimensions are balanced. If we neglect any one of them, the ensuing disharmony destroys our tranquility and can wreck our lives. The 5 Essential Dimensions is an attempt to prevent this happening.

A.A. Alebraheem is a column writer for Kuwait’s bestselling newspaper, ALQABAS. Alebraheem writes about philosophy, spirituality, ethics and politics. His theory, “5 Essential Dimensions”, builds upon a strong argument that life consists of 5 elements: finances, sociability, internal aspects, physicality, and spirituality. He offers a perspective that will help us to recognize these elements, and provides suggestions to keep them in balance for a better life. Alebraheem’s writing attempts to see things from alternative angles, searching for patterns and creating successful habits for life.

This was great reading and I did agree with most everything being said - but... for me none of it was ground breaking news. The good thing is - I do really like reading books like this. I especially like it when I agree with them!

We all know our lives should be in balance. We all know that we need to adjust our proprieties. And once we get in sync we will be happier and better people! Right?
I think that if your life is a train wreck, simply reading this book will not help you. You are not going to make the choices and decisions he is telling you to make. In a lot of cases the author just tells you what needs to be done without really telling you how, just that you need to do it and why.
Unfortunately the people who will read this book and get the most out of it are probably the ones who need it the least.

The one section that I did really like and probably enjoyed the most was - Spiritual Equilibrium. This could have been a book all on its own! This was all very interesting, but again, I didn't really learn anything new - I just loved reading it and agreed with most of it.
Monotheistic religions explain our existence by telling us that God created the universe, whereas science tells us that the universe created us. Meanwhile, scientists are still working on trying to answer the question of “Who created the universe?” They may come up with a plausible explanation one day, but it is equally possible that the question will defeat them. If the answer comes after we have died, it will not help us much, as by that time it will be too late for us to change course and believe in God
Faith is the ultimate insurance against the harm that life throws at us. It insures us against sickness, poverty, old age, accidents and random events. When we get to know God we obtain comprehensive insurance against all risks, with the premium being paid whenever we demonstrate our faith through concrete actions. Once we accept God, we can be confident that we will be amply compensated for our faith; for he is the ultimate insurer, who does not take from us without giving back. His insurance keeps our lives in equilibrium, for it is a benefit of substance that can outweigh any loss we suffer.
Life is a test, and we have a choice as to how we approach it. If we have faith in God’s existence, and we accept his word, we will accept that if we pass the test we will be brought into his presence. The other option is to fail the test, to reject God’s word, and, like the woman in the story, to struggle against a harsh fate that offers no hope of salvation when we die.
I would recommend you read this book for this section alone!

So... All-in-all although even though I did not love it and did not think it was  a great helpful/how to book (in my opinion), it is very nice reading and just may lift your spirits. So for that alone - it is worth it!

P.S. - this book has already gotten some very good reviews on Amazon! 

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from RABT book tours  -  Thank You!

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