The Essential Amish Cookbook - Lovina Eicher

5 Stars!

Join Amish cook Lovina Eicher in her kitchen as she prepares recipes used every day in countless Amish homes in Old Order Amish communities across North America. Many of the more than 100 recipes are richly illustrated with step-by-step photographs to help you learn Amish cooking as if you were in Lovina’s own kitchen. From hearty main dishes to substantial sides—plus a generous sampling of scrumptious cakes, pies, cookies, and other delectable desserts—learn how to make the hearty, simple dishes that the Amish cook together and serve at home, church services, and weddings

Lovina Eicher is author of the syndicated column, Lovina’s Amish Kitchen, which appears in 40 newspapers around the United States and on a weekly blog maintain by her editors. She is the author of several cookbooks. Lovina and her husband have eight children and live in rural Michigan.

This is an amazing cookbook. Gorgeous pictures, delicious sounding and looking recipes, very good instructions, and nothing strange (all just stuff that you would have in your kitchen).

Here are some that I have marked to make in the near future -
Applesauce nut bread
Banana zucchini bread
Peach muffins - YUM!
Zucchini fritters
Oatmeal cake
Banana cookies
Pumpkin cookies
Thick and chunky salsa - I have made salsa several times (I have a garden and grow my own tomatoes, onion, and peppers) and it always tastes good but is never hot enough! I am going to try this recipe and see how it turns out! I want to make a bunch and can it!

*** Note -
I am a vegetarian and a very healthy eater. There are a lot of recipes in here that I would never use. A lot of them have meat and there are a lot of yummy fattening baked goods (which I will refrain from making). But this is still a great cookbook! I appreciate all the hard work and quality that was put into it!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Herald Press  -  Thank You!  

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