The Lighthouse Secret - Linda Weaver Clarke (Audio review)

4 Stars!

Amelia Moore, the founder of the Moore Detective Agency, specializes in missing persons. With the help of her partner, Rick Bonito, the business is flourishing.

Rick Bonito’s uncle supposedly drowned five years ago and his body was never found, but something did not seem right about the report. Uncle Antonio was an excellent swimmer. His disappearance seems quite suspicious to Rick’s father. He never felt the complete truth had come out about his brother. It is now up to Amelia and Rick to find out the truth about his uncle.

Linda Weaver Clarke travels throughout the United States, teaching and encouraging people to write their family history and autobiography. She is the mother of six daughters and has several grandchildren. Clarke is the author of an award-winning sweet romance, Melinda and the Wild West, for the “Reviewers Choice Award.” She has several historical sweet romances, a mystery/adventure series, and a children’s book. She has also written two non-fiction e-books: Reflections of the Heart and Writing Your Family Legacy. All her books are family friendly.

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Linda does it again - this one is just as packed with good clean fun as the others. A nice little mystery and a sweet little romance rolled into one book.

Let me start by saying that I love the cover on this one! My favorite cover of this series so far. I love lighthouses and have been to several on the east coast and the Great Lakes so this story had great interest for me. I like the way the author keeps a lot of the same themes going through the whole series. Like their bucket list, they talk about it and add to it in every book. Staying overnight in a lighthouse B&B is definitely on my bucket list. Another theme that continues is Rick's passion for food! This is hilarious and very sweet. I am a vegetarian and I love good healthy food, so I share his passion, but not always the same foods LOL.

Another continuing theme is Rick's little mystery within the book that he is working on by himself. I really liked this one and got so "into it" that I almost forgot about the big mystery! When he solved his little case and the book continued - I thought "Oh yeah! The book's not over!" LOL
The actual mystery that this book was about was great as well - I really had no idea what had happened right up until the end.

Another part of this book that I really liked was the 50's style restaurant and Amelia dressing up, what fun! For my "Sweet 16th" birthday party I had a 50's party and everyone dressed up. It was great!

Audio Review - Well I have to say that this reader is finally growing on me! I didn't like her at first but I don't now if she is getting better or I am just getting used to her, but I like her now!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving an audio copy of this book from the author  Thank You!

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