God Made the World - Michael Vander Klipp

5 Stars!

The bright design and crisp photography of the God's Gifts to Me board book series are intended to delight toddlers and first-time readers alike. As kids play with and read each of these sturdy board books, they will encounter different parts of God's beautiful and varied creation, including animals, food, and our own bodies. Bible verses at the end of each book illustrate God's love for us and for all of His creation. 
Michael Vander Klipp lives in Michigan where he has worked for several years at Zondervan Publishing and has taught at Cornerstone University as an adjunct professor of English. He is also the author of Joy to the World, a children's Christmas board book, and Don't Feed the Lions: 40 Devotions for Teens

What is there not to love about this book? Honestly I could have 100 of these cute, simple, little books and be perfectly happy!

What did I love -
* I love the smallness LOL, yeah I really did. I am a Nanny for two toddlers and they ALWAYS pick out the smallest books for me to read. They love them.
* I love the little rainbow handle.
* I love the real photos instead of just drawings.
* And I love the Bible verse at the end that you can look up with your child to show them it really comes from God's Word!

All this equals - the perfect little baby book!

I was actually sent this book by mistake in place of another one - but I am so glad they did. What a bonus!!!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from KregelThank You!
Order your copy (only $3.99!!) - HERE

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