Kin Types - Luanne Castle - Poetry

5 Stars

Kin Types is based largely upon genealogy and a fascination with what comes to all of us from the past. A mix of poetry in the traditional sense and highly poetic prose pieces, the collection takes the reader on a journey into the lives of women and somewhat into the lives of men who must carry on alone once the women are gone. The journey of this collection is not a ramble into the past, but a slingshot into the here and now by way of these portrait tales.

Winner of the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award, Doll God, Luanne Castle's first collection of poetry, was published by Aldrich Press. Luanne’s poetry and prose have appeared in Grist, Copper Nickel, River Teeth, Glass Poetry Press, Barnstorm Journal, Six Hens, Lunch Ticket, The Review Review, and many other journals. Published by Finishing Line Press, Kin Types was a semi-finalist in the Concrete Wolf chapbook contest.

Luanne has been a Fellow at the Center for Ideas and Society at the University of California, Riverside. She studied English and creative writing at the University of California, Riverside (Ph.D.); Western Michigan University (MFA); and the Stanford University writing certificate program. Her scholarly work has been published in academic journals, and she contributed to Twice-Told Children’s Tales: The Influence of Childhood Reading on Writers for Adults, edited by Betty Greenway. For fifteen years, she taught college English.

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A very interesting collection. I love how they are all so different. Some of them are poems some are more prose and some are thoughts or lists. Each one will touch a nerve, will reach into your heart. A few of these are sad and others are encouraging. You can almost picture some of this for your own family.

I really love the whole idea of the book. It's like doing your genealogy or family tree/history in poems. And I am so glad that she wanted to share it with us!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving an e-book copy of this from Poetic Book Tours. Thank you! 

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing Kin Types. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. It was exciting to take a hobby I'm passionate about (family history) and write about it using the techniques available through poetry and creative nonfiction.

  2. Thank you for being on the blog tour.


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